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Winning design #656 by x_khow, Logo Design for Century Motors Contest
Gold Medal

designed by x_khow

Project description

10/27/17   OK.... way too many of the same designs. At this point it looks like everyone is doing the same thing using the same colors - basically copying the top rated designs. We are not set on a space theme or black silver and teal colors. The ratings are based on readability of the logo, the luxury feel to it, and how classy it is. Also whether or not it would look good on a license plate. We do not want anything that looks like a cartoon, or is just a C and an M. At this point unless someone has something completely different to offer, we have plenty of exceptional designs to choose from. Anything different out there?

Design a modern logo for a used car dealership in Fresno California that can be used for business cards, signs, shirts and advertising.  Something cool...a logo you would want to wear on a t-shirt!  Modern and futuristic is preferred....something that would look good on a BMW or Mercedes license plate.  Don't be afraid to use color and it does not have to be intergallactic or a space theme... lots of those already submitted and we like those but...any different ideas out there?   Don't want something with "wing" or retro.  Please do not look at my past contest - I do not want anything that looks like Toms Re Store.  Century Motors needs to be easy to read.

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