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Winning design #86 by Pflummingo, Logo Design for Chairman's Circle - Logo Design Contest
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designed by Pflummingo

Project description

The design must have its own identity that while complementary to the current logo (supplied on the ‘logo_brief.pdf’) it must have its own individual feel and look – perhaps using some of the secondary colours if necessary. Several ideas with representative images / logos are included in the 'logo_brief.pdf' document but please feel free to come up with your own.

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  • This has now been resolved and the contest is back open again. I will try and leave more feedback this afternoon. Good luck!
  • Hey everyone, I HAVE NOT CHOSEN A WINNER, there has been an error in the system, please continue to design and read the brief, I have contacted Help and am awaiting their response. Thanks.
  • Thank you to everyone who has entered so far, I will rate the entries now, but please feel free to come up with more ideas, I would like to see some different ideas. My apologies for the misleading brief regarding the 'current logo' - this is a reference to the main organisation which is running the Chairman's Circle, their logo is shown at the top of the example jpeg under 'Main Organisation Logo'... please do not replicate this logo, or any part of it in the design, simply use it as inspiration as the Chairman's Circle logo should feel like it is from the same family when next to this logo, but still have it's own identity, look and feel. Please only use Trade Gothic fonts and the colours described in the example jpeg. Thank you and good luck!
  • (#43 & #42) Sorry, I duplicated the entry.
  • Hello Alexander Bell. I'll have to reiterate BrownStripe's point: In your brief you stated "The design must have its own identity that while complementary to the current logo (supplied on the ‘logo_brief.pdf’) it must have its own individual feel and look". I understand we are no longer downloading the .PDF, but the current logo doesn't seem to be in either of your example images either. Could you clear this up please? Thank you, Hello Bongo
  • About #23,24 The Fret(saltire through a mascle)is a heraldic symbol for persuasion (group holding to a particular set of ideas or beliefs,in colours of hope, joy, and loyalty in love(green)and royal dignity, sovereignty, and justic(purple). I think that The Chairman's Circle must look classic and british. Thank you.
  • I inadvertently put a "the" before the company name designs 21 and 22 or the corrected files.
  • Its against the rules to show multiple designs in same entry. Only one is allowed. Thank you
  • Its against the rules to use a colored background unless CH requests or its a part of the logo. Thank you
  • hi sir this is my another design.. u can see a circle as C & a chair in h... colours are very professional ......and the font is also in circular shape
  • new concept, represent chairman's around table Regards
  • hi..sir this design i have made because it has a circle as a symbol of time, speed & balance, and the font is giving it a corporate what's your opinion
  • dear CH, my concept represent children around world forming hearts with hands as a gratitude for charity Regards
  • Hello AlexanderBell, is there an image of the existing logo to see please? Also, I noticed that there was a reference to Trade Gothic font in your example, are we allowed/required to use this in your logo? Thanks.
  • Quick feedback to design #3, #4, and #5. The colours have ignored the brief which is the first problem. Although I understand the concept of royalty and wealth, I don't think the people who the brand is aimed at would like the close connection with royalty - the crown, or being reminded that they are rich with the colour scheme of gold. Thanks for the entry though, as a design it is very good, just not what we are looking for.
  • Last post I promise.... the JPEG has been uploaded in CMYK so the colours have all messed up, I have uploaded the correct one next to this. Sorry everyone...
  • Sorry everyone, I am new to this!! Can you tell?! OK, I've added the brief as a jpg as an example now so you don't need to download from the above url! Thanks!
  • TO ALL DESIGNERS - I did not include the brief.pdf file which we have put together with a few ideas and typeface / colours to be used. Please view it here: Thank you and good luck!
  • this one is alil more rounded like you wanted Thanks
  • this one is alil more rounded like you wanted Thanks