Champion Sports Handicapping

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Winning design #64 by Jalaluddin, Logo Design for Champion Sports Handicapping Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jalaluddin

Project description

Design a Logo and color scheme for this new start up Sports information advisory service.

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  • Ples check my logo design #79 #85
  • Ples check my logo design #79 thx
  • I am again replace my design #22 #52
  • Hei check out my relace design #npetrini. #51
  • Thank you for find out my mistake npetrini. I will replace this very soon
  • You are spelling the name of the company incorrectly. It is Champion Sports Handicapping. Try a a dark blue and silver color scheme. Thanks #46
  • Hello.... Can you make the white lettering as white as you can get it, and please remove the space or line thats going through the white letters. Also, can you make the background a light sky blue color. I think you have an aqua type color. In addition, can you provide the same design in black with the small letters in both white, gold and silver (3 versions), with whatever background color you think goes best with each. Thanks #47
  • wats your feedback? #3
    • @muhammadwilliams6 .... Please try Dark blue colors with a lighter blue background and white letters. Thanks

  • champion logo #41
    • @parkchuyung68 Hello, could you try some different color schemes. Royal blue and white, etc.... Thanks

  • Can you provide yor design in a Royal blue color with a little brighter white for the lettering. Also, try other shades of blue and possibly other colors. I am close to a decision and want your final designs. Thank you #43
  • About #43, @muhammadwilliams6
  • your feedback sir? #42
  • please check my design & thank you #38
  • champion logo design #37
  • Champion Sports Handicapping #9
  • Champion Sports Handicapping #8
  • your feesback? #7
  • your feedback #4