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Winning design #75 by laurent_vae, Logo Design for Channel Rock Oyster Co. Contest
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designed by laurent_vae

Project description

We are an Oyster Farm located in the waters of Barnstable Harbor in scenic Cape Cod, MA. We grow Oysters from 2mm to the market size of 3" and sell them to restaurants, distributors and the public. This logo will be used on merchandise tags, our website, t shirts and hats.

Please include "Cape Cod, MA" or "Barnstable Harbor" in your logo design. 

Please see examples of fonts and designs that we like to get a feel of what we are looking for. Colors chosen are not definite, but we are thinking one or two color design. Thank you!

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  • Hello there CH @margaretwhill. Hope you are having a wonderful day! The logo is designed to look classic yet minimal, professional and is as per the given brief. The logo basically consists both the channel marker and the rock and hence represents the name quite well. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the logo designed. If there is anything that you would like to change, do let me know CH.

    Best Regards,
    3B DESIGNS #63
    • Your feedback would be greatly appreciated CH @margaretwhill.

    • Waiting for an update regarding this contest CH @margaretwhill.

  • I think this buoy looks too much like a lighthouse
    thanks #41
  • prefer the previous design without the CR #59
  • like this but the rock looks like mountains and we don't have mountains on cape cod #58
  • not what we are looking for but thanks for trying #60
  • not what we are looking for...thanks though #61
  • not what we are looking for...thanks #62
  • thanks but it the design feels too chunky and a little too simple #69
  • thanks...but the rock is not great #68
  • hello

    this is my entry
    Any feedback will be very appreciated

    thank you #67
  • I hope you like it #57
  • the rock is not good...thanks for trying though #47
  • the rock is not good...thanks for trying though #48
  • the rock is not good...thanks for trying though #49
  • not really what we are looking for.
    thanks #52
  • Hi @margaretwhill , here it is the revision, feel free to let me know if you need anything else, thank you. #53
  • Hi. Has added a rock and green color to design. Check please. #47
  • I like this...can you eliminate the dots, make the channel marker green, and loose the curley ques on the end of the lines? #39
    • Hello @margaretwhill please check my revision design #43 Thank you.

  • I like this can you make the Barnstable Harbor text arc over the buoy and make the buoy green? #37
    • @margaretwhill Thank you for feedback. Please check my revision design #42

  • Hi @margaretwhill , thank you for your feedback, I'll working on it.