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Winning design #107 by halimpu_art, Logo Design for Channel View Events Contest
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designed by halimpu_art

Project description

We are a startup wedding/event planning company here in California and we need a modern & clean logo for our business! We chose the name for our company because we live in Santa Barbara, California and have a view of the Channel Islands from our venue and we really wanted to somehow incorporate that into our logo. We like the idea of "Channel View Events" with a silhouette of the islands/channel in the background (or in front, whatever looks better), but we're open to other ideas. For colors, we were thinking neutral tones, greys, toned down blues, shading, black, white. We would ideally like a more elegant theme since we are in the wedding business and want to project a clean & modern look, but still not too frilly. Clean, minimal, and modern are all good, anything that will look good on a business card or website. 

Good: silhouette of islands, include ocean/water, two or 3 neutral colors (blue, grey, black, white, earth tones), hip & modern

- Ideally, we would like an outline of the island (i've included a few pictures of them, if you need to see more google image search "view of channel islands from Santa Barbara")

Bad: cursive font, lots of different bright colors 

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  • Here is the proposal #178
  • Dear CH, I have read previous comments and from that i made this. It would be great if you could give a comments for any changes.. Thanks a lot. #165
  • Comment if you want something to improve sir. #161
  • I hope you like it! #155
  • Please take a look. #152
  • Please take a look. #151
  • Dear CH , This one has a milder color than the first. #125
  • Simple, modern, minimalist and Santa Barbara!
    Thanks #113
  • Hello
    Please check my design
    The choice of graphic solution is simple
    and understandble will bring new
    expectations and also following objectives
    of the company.
    Thanks. #104
  • Could you make it with the colors from #81? #72
  • would you be able to use a few different shades of blue for this? #72
    • About #72, @johnstephens805
      No problem, I'll make like your advice. Thank You ...

    • About #72, @johnstephens805
      Okay Sir.

  • could you make this with the colors that are in #81? #92
  • Please have a look #87
  • Please check #86
  • Dear CH,

    Hope you like it.. Awaiting feedback. #83
  • Dear CH,

    Hope you like it.. Awaiting feedback. #83
  • Your suggestions are very nice, the mountain looks strong. #82
  • could you take out the palm tree and black line under it? could you use a different block font? #78
  • Thanks! sorry for the asking for so many revisions but we're getting there. would you be able to make this the same blue color as #20? #66