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Winning design #175 by Vados, Logo Design for ChargeBackChampion.Com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vados

Project description

Logo for ChargeBackChampion.Com We are a charge back management company providing both consumer verification alerts and charge back representment services

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  • About #166, @rockinslim hi ch please see also my other entry and make a feedback..thank you!
  • Dear CH, Submitted my design #164 & #165 hope you like the design. please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers
  • Hello CH, here is my work, I hope you like! #162
  • Hello CH - I've designed #160 and #161 per your brief. I made this lion very organic with a flowing mane and simplified crown. Feedback and change-requests are welcome. Thank you.
  • This logo match any requirement found through the investigation I made at your website. It is unique and very professional. This is one can easy be separated from other logos because it is design to solve problems. What kind of problems?? Well, you are looking for something elegant that comforts with your website. Beside this you are looking a logo that communicate values of professionalism, experience, strength and royalty. All this words are qualities of a Champion. Then we have the techniques problems like the size of the logo. This one can be sized in 8 mm without loosing the quality and still be readable. Always giving my best!! tet+ #158
  • I have this bold and sharp logo for you too. This is another version of the first one I submitted. I would say that this logo is different from the other one because this one communicate strength, trust, knowledge, experience and quality service. tet+ #147
  • About the logo: When I first read the brief, the first thought I had was to design something that is focused in the word "Champion". Because this is what your website is, a CHAMPION. The logo is inspired from the Europe Football Cup for the only reason to communicate glory. It is simple, professional and can be used in white background and in black background tet+ #146
  • Hi there, in this logo i choose to combine " lion concept " with " shield concept " in a simple but creative way. For the colors i choose black color because is a representation of: strength, seriousness, power, and authority. Let me know if i miss something from the creative brief or if you have any suggestion to improve the design. Thanks for your time to provide feedback ! Have a wonderful day ! Logo presentation #144 Stationary presentation #145
  • hallo ... CH ... I tried to make a redesign .... please check my entry ... thanks #143
  • hallo ... CH ... I tried to make a redesign .... please check my entry ... thanks #142
  • I really like this concept! Could you incorporate a side profile, something similar to or ? #134
    • Thank you for your feedback, See revision #140 with side profile as you requested.

  • I would like some feedback. Also if you don not like the design. Thank you! #138
  • Hi ch please fine my new entry 133 & please let me know if you like it or for further changes? #136
  • Hi paul4. Tried to minimalize the three elements Shield/Lion/Crown to hame maximum legibility also in the smallest sizes. The typeface (you can change it if you desire) has the same thickness of the icon lines. Please tell me if I'm on the right track :) Kind regards G #132
    • @GP67 I would really like to see the full lions head with it's flowing mane.. I really like the side profile or a slightly turned head of the lion.. similar to these images: I would also like to see the shield a bit wider and no chevron at the top.. the text, perhaps "chargeback" arc'd over the top and "champion" arc'd at the bottom

    • @paul4 Hi paul4. Thanks 4 fb and suggestions. The images you listed are free of © so that we designers can use them for our proposals? Thank you. Kind regards G

  • hallo ... CH ... please check my entry #129
    • @ammer I really like this concept! I would like to see a crown somewhere.. not sure if you can incorporate something more like this:

  • hallo ... CH ... please check my entry #128
  • Any feedback would be very helpfu. I place the elements that you want, the fist in a subtle way is the lion's nose. KIND REGARDS

    [ JOBZ]

    #126 #127
  • Lion made with as much "C" as possible (the crown, eyes, etc) #122
  • Hi here is my design for your checking and feedback. Thanks #121
  • Hi here is my design for your checking and feedback. Thanks #120