Chestnut Cabin

This has been a great experience! I was not sure what to expect and received great designs. With every comment and adjustment the designs just got better. I ended up with a logo I loved!

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Winning design #30 by PaintedPony, Logo Design for Chestnut Cabin Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PaintedPony

Project description

The logo should convey the same feeling as the company name, which I chose because of my associations of warmth, nature, home and comfort with it.
But please do not design a too oldfashioned logo.
I would like to use the logo for my webshop, as well as for small labels I want to print and attach to each product ( a small card with the product details/desciption) and maybe in the future for business cards and stationary.

Chestnut Cabin is going to be a webshop where I will sell my handdyed yarns, (spinning) wool, carded batts and handspun yarns. My dyeing style is colourful and fresh. All my products are handmade and unique. I don't produce in masses, but one at a time so no ball of yarn is like the other. Quality of the wool as well as diversity of products is also important to me.
It is possible that at some point I might decide to broaden the kind of products I sell. But this will remain in the same area of handmade and quality.

Below some examples of what I am doing.

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  • Hello~ Thanks so much for the ratings. I thought I'd do a couple mockups so you can see the monochrome logos in reverse (white) and black. I also created a mockup to give you an idea of how it could look on a hangtag, for example. Thanks, PaintedPony #37 #38
    • @PaintedPony Hello PaintedPony!

      Thanks a lot for these! They really also look great in black in white! And great on the tags as well. I notice I like the upright letter types better with this design than the slanted ones. I somehow still have the feeling there could be a better letter type than these to fit the logo better. But it is already really great!

      Kind regards,
      Chestnut Cabin

    • @chestnutcabin Hi there~ Many thanks for the feedback and ratings. I just uploaded a few additional fonts for comparison. Let me know what you think: #40 #41 #42 #43 Thanks!

  • Hello chestnutcabin~ I designed a logo for your consideration that has a warm, organic feel.The green ball of yarn looks like the natural green outer shell of the chestnut. Inside the ball of yarn, I created a stylized chestnut that is made from 2 letter C's facing each other for your company initials. The chestnut shape has a natural heart-shape to symbolize being made with love and care for your heart and home.

    The logo will be easy to produce online, in print for business cards, hangtags, signage or for embroidery onto apparel such as shirts, hats, etc. I created as a horizontal and vertical layout to give you versatility with the logo. Hope you like the concept.

    Kind regards,
    #23 #24
    • @PaintedPony Hi Painted Pony, I love the whole concept behind the logo that you designed. Thank you very much! I did not notice the 2 letter C's myself before reading your description, but it is a great idea! The heart shape, chestnut and wool/shell I saw immediately and it is great how it is all combined. As I am new to this and just getting set up, I did not even think about that it is great if the logo also works in monochrome as for in the header. I am very thankful that you included #24 so I can see that. It still looks great! The only thing I am not quite sure about is if I like the letter type for "Chestnut Cabin" together with the logo. Maybe you have one or two other options to compare? Best regards, Chestnut Cabin

    • Hi there @chestnutcabin ~ Thanks so much for the great feedback and ratings. I'm glad you are liking the logo. :) I just uploaded a few new logotypes for your review. See what you think and please let me know if you would like to see any additional revisions: #29 #30 #31 Thanks! PaintedPony

  • Hello there, chestnutcabin!

    Thank you very much for you time and for such opportunity for us @YinYang Branding to show you our work. I would also like to thank you for your rating!

    Please let us know if we can improve this specific logo in order to fit your needs in case you appreciated it. We are able to change the color.

    You're very welcome!
    Thank you again.

    My name is Bruno and I will be assisting you on your project.

    All the best,
    B. #26
    • @bruno2 Hi Bruno, Thanks for your entry! Although it is an interesting idea, this is not quite what I am looking for. The feel of it is too heavy and it is not flexibel enough for my purposes. Also the chestnut looks more like an acorn to me.

  • *Corrected "handmade" misspelling. #27
  • I like it better without the circle but the wool reminds me more of a snake or the tail of a rat. #15
    • Didn't think about that. I've uploaded two alternative versions - one with a knot at the end (#17) and one without the "tail" (#18).

  • @meandesigns25 This one somehow keeps growing on me. Could you adjust the shadow to match #7?
    Could you also add the long version on the bottom?
    Maybe it is possible to make the heads of the knitting needles a little bit smaller? They look a bit out of proportion. #6
  • I like this design already a lot better. I especially like the "handmade & unique". It gives me freedom in where my product line might be going while reflecting the core of it all. Could you also put the long version underneath it like for example at #1, #2, #7 ? As I would need both it is easier for me to envision it on the labels, when I can already see it. Thx! #11
    • I'm glad to hear you like the tagline - I was trying to make it flexible, to give you full freedom as to how you'd like to expand your business.

      Here's a revision with a horizontal version added - #14. If you have more requests just let me know.

    • @Iridith The letter type, tagline is great and I get a good idea how this could look on my labels. The circle around the chestnut still doesn't feel quite right. The whole feels a bit "too cute".

    • What do you think about this version - #15?

  • Hello Ch!! Thank you for the rating. Is there anything particular you want to see in the logo , so that I can improvise it better. Please let me know.
    Kind regards
    • @nandniluz The letter type is a bit too "restless". Could you change the fonts? Also is this is a grey background? I rather have no colour in the background. And I can't quite put my finger on it, but the grey outline of the chestnut doesn't feel quite right for me.

  • Hello Ch!! Thank you for the rating. Is there anything particular you want to see in the logo , so that I can improvise it better. Please let me know.
    Kind regards
  • I love the combination of wool and the chestnut. But the name is a little bit too small. Could you also provide the long version as in #1, #2, #7 for example? I need to have both as I have sort of square labels and longer, thinner ones. Thx! #12
  • I like the Chestnut. But I somehow don't like it completely round. I notice now that I find with the other designs useful that they can be centered as the top ones for the kind of labels I use on batts and the longer, smaller ones as on the bottom for the longer labels I use on skeins and for my HP. #10
    • Hello CH,

      Thank you for the rating and feedback. I've uploaded a revised version of the logo - #11. Let me know what you think.


  • I don't "feel" a conncection between this logo and the company name or our products. #9
  • I like the cartoonish style, but I like the warm brownish colours from 1-7 better.
    I also notice that I love about the earlier designs that the chestnut is in the logo and would like to keep it that way. Do you have a cartoonish chestnut? Like #7 but cartoonish? #8
  • I like the letter type in this one better than #6.
    Love the knitting needles and the shadow. This is definitely going in the right direction! #7
    • About #7, @chestnutcabin Maybe something cartoonish?

  • Hi @chestnutcabin, I'm sure there will be a lot more designers that will come up with better designs.. For now, I'll do what I can do to satisfy your needs. You can also guide me to what you like. You can also add logo examples that will serve as a guide for us designers.
  • I like about this design, that it is very clear and recognizable. But it "feels" a bit heavy.
    I love the "Hand Crafted", but not sure about the "yarns" as I am also selling hand dyed fibers for spinners which are no yarns (yet). #1
    • About #1, @chestnutcabin Hi, Its just a feeler, its optional. We can still change it.

    • @meandesigns25 I like the first one better. Is it possible to inculde "fibers" for example "Hand Crafted Yarns & Fibers" without it becoming too crowded?

    • @meandesigns25 Do you have an idea on how to make the logo somewhat lighter? Some thinner (out)lines? Or maybe a second idea on how a logo could look like... with a lighter feel to it?