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Winning design #125 by Altruist, Logo Design for Chicago Alliance of Visual Artists (CAVA) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Altruist

Project description

We are a Chicago-based organization of visual artists (painters, drawers, printmakers, photographers, sculptors) aged 50 and over.  We recently changed our organizational name from Senior Artists Network to the above.  We want a new logo that meets the following criteria:

1. Contains our acronym (CAVA)
2. Contains our motto: "Art is Ageless"
3. Is simple, modern and elegant
4. Contains some reference to the visual arts, community outreach, networking
5. Does not include any "media-specific" objects (e.g., brushes, palettes, easels).  Brushstrokes would be OK.

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  • I showed a design , various colors may you like his #145
  • Better, but still too abstract and difficult to read. #132
  • This one is pushing more into the abstract, just getting into the forms of the letters. #136
  • I'm just not seeing the "C" here; looks more like another "V". Too highly stylized. #131
    • @larrychait thank you sir for the feedback. i will make some changes.

  • #125 on a black background #126
  • Revision of #114 #125
  • I prefer the design of this one over #115, but prefer the colors of #115. Could you make the change? #114
  • Hello! Please let me know if you'd like to see any changes. #117
  • This looks too playful and casual for us. #113
  • Too high-tech and industrial for our group. Very commercial looking. #112
  • I like the font design on this (and it could be made into two lines) but I don't much care for the black "vortex" symbol. Not really sure what it is supposed to signify. #74
  • Thanks for the effort, but, as I feared, I feel adding the full name just disrupts the balance of your original design too much. The slogan is now too small to be legible. I think we should stick with your original vesion with no full name. In most instances where the logo will be used (business card, stationary, website, etc) our full name will be visible nearby anyway, so there is probably no need to try to force it into the logo itself. #101
  • Chicago Alliance of Visual Artists (CAVA) #107
  • Chicago Alliance of Visual Artists (CAVA) #106
  • excuse me Mr. Larry, I've create design for CAVA "Chicago Alliance of Visual Artist". my concept design is one line for CAVA, I create simple and modern logo. thank's for your attention sir.

    Best regards from Severus #105
  • I would like to see a version of this with more typical, less stylized "A's" (with the normal crossbar). Perhaps in a sans serif font. #68
    • @larrychait Thanks for your feedback, please see modification made at entry #95 & #96

  • Your entry is strong, but some of us are concerned about the difficulty of reading "CAVA." This concern could be addressed if you included our full name in the design. Do you think you could do this in a tasteful manner that would not interfere too much with the overall aesthetics of the design? #84
  • About #29, @inbe u mean you likethe 2 other entries with similar design? just to understand on each one to work, as you post thie comment on this one and i wonder if you r saying- to do it like the other two...? mmmm...sorry need some clarification... thanks...
    • About #61, @inbe oh i just saw the other comments so its understood. will do

  • A modern take on art that highlight diversty, unity, happiness, understanding, and community building. #76
  • I'm curious how this would look if the two A's were raised so that they form a face with the V acting as the nose. Maybe too silly? #69