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Winning design #27 by dologo, Logo Design for ChillPack Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dologo

Project description

Our company BubblePack is a manufacturer of bubblewrap and related products. You can review what we currently do and sell from the following website: We are launching a new product that combine bubblewrap with ice packs or gel packs. I need a strong logo on the product packaging to differentiate our product from our competitors. I need a logo for the word: chillpack.

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  • We like the concept of your design and its shape and simplicity. We would like to see you do some variation with the design. Perhaps play around with dimensions. Keep it clean, sophisticated and cool.
    • We would also like to see some use of colour. No more than two colours to keep it simple.

  • We do not like the image and would prefer a shape more simple and sophisticated. We do however like the use of simple colour and the type.
  • We like the look of your design however we would prefer to steer clear from our existing BubblePack logo. Please change up the concept of your design.
  • Your concept is too similar to our existing BubblePack logo. Please come up with another concept.
  • We would like something different to our existing BubblePack logo
  • Too much of our existing log
    • Please have a look at #36, #37, #38 and share your review. Regards, Mohit

    • You have a unique and workable concept and layout. Please develop this further. I would simplify thing rather than make it more complicated.

  • You have some idea here. But we find it too chunky. You may want to shrink this snowflake or use another concept to illustrate the cold to make the logo compact and simple.
  • Too much of our existing logo. Please come up with a new concept.
  • Not quite what we are looking for. Would like something much more simple
  • We are looking for a more simple design
  • We like the look of your design however we would like it more simple. Perhaps change the font of "CHILL" to something more sophisticated. The Bubbles outside we feel are distracting to the design. Needs to be less decorative and more conceptual.
  • Hi Please review #78 and let me know what you think. thanks
  • Nice and clean and simple design. But we could not relate this to our product.
  • Right idea with the ice and snow. But may need to be simplified
  • The font and colour is reasonable. But we find it too simple and I cannot see any concept with this design.
  • We like your concept of the word CHILL inside a pack. This rounded pack make this I believe a better than your previous one which is a square. I would develop the same concept further with a bit of colour variation, some cold concept. I leave it to your imagination and not try to restrict what you can do with this.
  • Hi can you give me feedback on #54 and #55 and let me know if I am going in the right direction. thanks
    • Please refer to my comments About #54

  • The font and colour choices of you design is reasonable. But the box does not suite. You must remember this is a ice or gel pack product not a box product. The icon you have provided also not very suitable. It does not show me that it is cold. Just a random icon does not tell me anything related to our product. I will give a similar comment to #55 design except that this is a rectangle shape which is closer to our product shape.
  • We have to discount this again. You are looking at the similar concept with our existing logo.
  • Too similar to our existing logo. We want something different