Chinatown Neighborhood Access Point

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Winning design #66 by bagongart, Logo Design for Chinatown Neighborhood Access Point Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bagongart

Project description

The Chinatown Neighborhood Access Point is a non profit job center. It is a project of Self-Help for the Elderly, a non-profit in San Francisco. We do employment training and assist job seekers to find work. The initials CNAP are not particularly important. If the word JOBS could be incorporated that would help. Thank you!

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  • We like this initial design. We may need to incorporate the words Job Center into it as well so its clear what we do.
  • Not sure what the symbol represents.
  • We need people to know the full name and that it is a job center. WE aren't crazy about the heart.
  • We aren't crazy about the house or the number of colors. Thank you for submitting.
  • This overstates the importance of the CNAP. Its more important for them to know that its a job center.
  • Could you do something like this with the words JOBS in the center?
  • Like this but the dark blue and red you used on #44.
  • Thank you. Could you also put the red back to the other red? and perhaps make JOB CENTER a little smaller?
  • Hi ch, i just submitted entry#59, #60, #61 hope to hear feedback from you please. thanks
  • Can you make Job Center font bigger? Thanks
  • Too busy for us, it would be a little confusing on what to focus on.
  • Could you also do one with Career Center? thanks
  • Could you incorporate something that says Career Center?
  • Not the look we are going for.
  • Not looking for anything with a character.
  • Could you please also do one that says Career Center instead of JOBS? Thanks!
  • Hello CH! I've submitted #47 and I need your feedback to make it better. Kind regards, Benjamin Koren