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I am thrilled with the finished product and the number of creative ideas that were submitted. I was lucky to have numerous attractive submissions and am very happy with the choices that I ended up having. Poetaa92 has been a pleasure to work with and has been very responsive to my requests and suggestions.

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Winning design #72 by poetaa92, Logo Design for Chisholm Law Contest
Gold Medal

designed by poetaa92

Project description

Would like a clean, minimal/simple logo for a law practice.  The logo would be used on business cards, letterhead & website. 

Would like to avoid any images of lady justice, the scales of justice and gavels.  Would be open to incorporating the michigan mitten into the design, the sail of a sailboat, or a lighthouse

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  • Included the Michigan Mitten and a lighthouse. Any feedback would be massively appreciated thanks a lot #180
  • sdr
    Clean, minimal and simple logo... I hope you like it... #175
  • thanks for the invite sir, hope you like this concept. have a nice evening! #140
    • @trebz Thank you for the entry!

    • @jeremy1 welcome sir, thank you for the ratings. Goodluck sir :)

  • Thanks for the invitation. If you have any suggestion feel free to tell me. #152
  • Good work, i like it best of luck hitrih ;) #64
  • Nice logo, i like it best of luck deztinyawaits :) #49
  • Good idea, i like it best of luck rezawawan1 :) #83
  • I changed there map to mountain and flying bird. Its my idea and now its look better #149
  • @jeremy1 please check #147 I make pen as a sailboat.
  • I update logo as your feedback, i hope you like it !!! #144
    • @qanny looks really nice. Thank you!

  • I like your work and logo management !!!!! #72
    • About #72, @qanny Very thanks Qanny! Good to hear it ;)

  • Can I see this one with just CHISHOLM in the bold letters and then Law in the second line in the small font. Thank you! #96
    • @jeremy1 hi. Here it is #137, #138. Please take a look. If you need to change something else. Just let me know.

  • sir please comment for this design #131
  • Hi thankyou for the feed back of my design. heres my new concept for your law firm
    Original, clean and not common.
    i hope you like it

  • Thank you for the design. Very interesting desgin. #124
    • About #124, @jeremy1 Thank you. And I'm glad if you like it. Your feedback will be appreciate.

  • another version of my #103. please feedback
    thankyou #126
  • Hi thankyou for the feedback of my #103. heres my revision. ihope you like it.
    its clean and simple.

    -monik #125
  • Is there anyway that I can see this in a stronger more masculine font. I like the idea of the monogram, but I want the font to look more powerful. #14
    • About #14, @jeremy1 hi Ch, thank you to your feedback. i will mak new revise design. :) thanks

  • Thank you for the entry. Nice logo but we are looking for something more masculine. Thank you looks really nice. #123
  • Thank you for your entry. I like the logo but we are looking for a more masculine font. #58