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Winning design #114 by Dskwkrs, Logo Design for CHRISTMAS FOURTEEN martial arts LOGO needed!! Contest
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designed by Dskwkrs

Project description

CHRISTMAS FOURTEEN is a new company that will sell martial arts T-shirts & clothing in which part of the proceeds will go to sponsoring kids (that can't afford it) to allow them to enroll in an accepted martial arts program in their area. *****The story of CHRISTMAS FOURTEEN. World War I (1914) Although one of the deadliest wars in history had only been raging for 120 days, men were being slaughtered at a record pace. Death and bodies were everywhere, with men being shot after having barely escaped the cold of the previous night covered in mud. Soldiers faced each other in wet trenches that were at some points no more than 50 yards apart. Like clockwork, men would rise, climb the ladder out of the trench and sprint towards their enemy through no mans land, only to get lacerated by the gunfire and fall on a heap of previously killed men from both sides. This continued day in and day out with neither side gaining so much as an inch. It continued because both sides were convinced that their respective foes were five steps below human, with absolutely no redeemable qualities whatsoever & who welcomed death to defend an inexcusable ideal. Amidst such a horrible display of humanity arose one of the most monumental moments in the history of humankind. Something absolutely magical happened completely out of the black that covered the sky from the rain and smoke and fire and death that blanketed the area. A certain thing entered the area and provided a glorious episode of sanity from amongst the slaughter that encompassed the front. Something occurred that spoke to the soldiers and convinced them not to fight. For a brief few hours, both sides spontaneously laid down their weapons and slowly climbed out of their trenches and approached each other. Some bearing gifts with tears in their eyes. Some picking up their foes in a warm embrace. Others stood frozen in astonishment at what they were witnessing. But all in accordance with a silent, but understood cease-fire. THIS is what I want to bottle and hand out to all of humanity. Whatever magic happened on that day needs to be distilled, bottled and handed out to any and all. What happened? People for one very brief moment believed in something bigger and more important than themselves. They believed in each other. SO, I'll tell you what happened. ...Christmas happened. THIS... is the magic of CHRISTMAS FOURTEEN. ****It is our vision that if everybody had the drive, discipline, self-confidence, determination, belief, & faith in humanity that seems to have existed in that tiny little window of time... then the world would become what we know it can become. We want to populate the world with well adjusted, productive, caring, morally-developed kids. ******The only guidelines are the words CHRISTMAS FOURTEEN and possibly the black belt with the stripes that have been present in my previous logos incorporated somewhere. I'm open to any and all ideas. This is for a great cause and should be a simple, yet powerful logo. Thanks very much, y'all..!! -Sean

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  • Contest Holder where would you like to put the belt?
  • Love the clean contemporary feel!!! Would love to include a belt with stripes somewhere perhaps?
  • I love the idea of a gift box!!!! Maybe a slightly tilted box with star wrapping paper (in place of the blue circle with star in HBJJ logo) & keep the bars coming out? Maybe the ribbon is the belt, or keep the bar turning into a belt??
  • Please view my designs #60 and #61 and please provide feedback. Thanks.
  • Love the winding belt for a Christmas tree!! Maybe the belt goes through all the colors and ends up the black with stripes?
  • Could we try the bars without fading the colors or rounding the edges similar to the Black Flag version, but with this belt tying them? Could the belt be a little tattered & worn?
  • Dear CH, Here is my entry - #55 . I would love if you could give me feedback and rate it. I'm open to any suggestions and comments, please feel free. Thanks & Regards, Nadav P.
  • Hi CH RacerXSPF! Kindly review my entries #38 & #40. Will appreciate some feedback from you! More power!
  • Nice!!!! Could we try to somehow make the top portion of the black belt wrap into a bow, like it's a present? Or maybe the black belt goes horizontal and holds them all together like a present?
  • What about lining the 4 belts up vertically (kind of like the old Black Flag logo) and then tying them horizontally with the belt?? So, White, Blue, Purple, Brown would be vert and then tied by the black? Maybe "Christmas" and "Fourteen" on either side of the know? ...just an idea.
  • i submitted my designs please check hope something works.
  • Dear CH, my designs are #70 and #71 You mentioned you're hoping for 'a window of hope for humanity', I incorporated it and the belt with stripes into my logo design. I hope you like it! Essie
  • Can we try the black flag logo (with colored bars) with the black belt going down and to the right instead on the conventional way? Also with Christmas in the upper left and Fourteen in the lower right like the BF example logo I just uploaded? Thanks everyone!!
  • Hi CH RacerXSPF, Thanks for the feedback! Kindly review my updates in entries #63 & #64. If you have any further adjustments, just let me know. More power!
  • I hope not entering contests with this CH, is a huge waste of time. This contest is permitted to copy each other, but the rating only goes to one ..... Strange no? good luck
  • Hi CH Racer XSPF, Please have my entry #131 reviewed. Hope I brought this logo towards to liking. Let me know if this is good-to-go! More power:-)
  • Thanks for the feedback on my first one. Here's a new one #117, according to what you like base on observations from other designers as well as your feedback on theirs - so I paid attention on the type kerning as well as the different heights of each bars and the position of where "Christmas Fourteen" can best be place so that it's not exactly like the Black Flag logo. Lastly the bold borders on all the bars will make it more consistent and not just the white bar (that has it) otherwise the other three will feel a little out of place or vice-versa. Thanks!
  • Hello Ch, Would you like us to follow the Black Flag Design exactly? Would their be any revisions towards my designs. just wondering because your asking others to do what I have already done. The ones that have the Black Flag Text on the upload are exact copies, If I am not mistaken you can take that Black Flag upload that I did and align it to the original and the letters will match exact. #84 and #85 #86 is the same as #84 and #85 in height and thickness but it is also the same width as the black flag text. #114 #115 and #116 Changed the original upload font to same as Black Flag not Motter Open for any critique Thank You
  • My mistake. Old colors with new order. Also, can we raise the brown bar ever so slightly so that it's not in line with the blue?
  • My mistake on the angles!! Can you just adjust the height, but leave them parallel? Also, the order goes: White, blue, purple, brown, then black. Could we transpose the purple & blue with a bigger separation in their colors, and the brown a little darker?