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Winning design #274 by ponchosqueal, Logo Design for Christopher J. Knight, Attorney Contest
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designed by ponchosqueal

Project description

I'm looking for a sharp professional Logo that plays off my last name. I'm leaning towards a chess piece, but a suit of armor or knight's shield is not out of the question (or even a shield with a chess piece as a coat of arms). This logo would be the cornerstone of my website, business card, letterhead, and sign. The sign would likely be laser cut out of stainless steel, so complexity may be an issue (but a not a deal killer if the design is striking enough). I'm found of dark blue, but even that's not a requirement. My primary area of practice is criminal defense, but family law is the next area I'm likely to work on. Above all, it should have a sharp, professional feel. I'm told it should be a scalable vector graphic. update.. knight1.jpg is my favorite knight chess piece. The knight needs to stand out. But even an abstract take could work. knight2.jpg is a crude concept a friend came up with, I'm told that chess piece was basically in the style of the Denver broncos horse. It has a feel that I like. It needs to be less cartoonish. I know, the sword in it is lame and is in bad taste.....but that's why I'm going to a professional. I'm not ruling out a sword mind you.. but its hard to pull off without being cheesy. Some artists are turning in completely new concepts...I am liking these! PS....IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE AVOID GENERIC CLIP ART! My friend came up an interesting knight in under 10 minutes and he's a total amateur see knight2. Your design should be more detailed or have a new, interesting concept. THANKS! I'm also looking to have a website designed...contest will post after logo is chosen. OK ive upped the prize money and extended the contest. Its also entirely possible that i will buy the runner up for separate ad campaign. (this can be more aggressive like the sword and shield designs) Please look to the highest rated designs for ideas f what I'm looking for. Also..The shape off the horse is super important to me. Look to Knight3.jpg for my ideal knight piece. Maybe convert the outline to a design? Im seeing a lot of good work, but nothing has been perfect yet.

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  • #2 Hi, Yes, it's lacking the wow factor - I was merely considering the metal factor and it was to 2 am here so consider that a first attempted to get started. If we were allowed to do mock-up (should be detailed in the brief) we can be much more creative and show you how a sign could look. Sadly we are not allowed to contact you outside design contest - but you can upload files in your brief section, contact design contest if you need help with that.
  • Dear CH- Please take a look at #6 and let me know what you like and do not like. I can make any changes. Thanks! –schwede9
  • I like the color scheme. not crazy about other chess pieces or the CJK. How about current shield on the left of a rectangle layout. in the shield a really striking knight chess piece Under my name id like it to say Criminal Defense Attorney. under that Misdemeanor * Felony * Federal
  • i like your contest portfolio. your work on the tele5 is very nice, i really like the colors. i saw the rook website and the sign is clean, but this submission is lacking a stand out knight tie in. the color is also wrong. what i do like about it is the layout. instead of criminal law, id like it to say Criminal Defense Attorney. under that it should say Misdemeanor * Felony * Federal Then maybe instead of the current shield, something like #5 but with a striking knight chess piece only. I can email you a picture of my favorite knight chess piece. and a rough design that i already tried to put together
  • cjkatwork you can hide the entries , it will help you to get more creative works.
  • #3, My first attempt at your logo. Feedback/Ratings are appreciated, hope you enjoy it.!
  • Dear CH, #2 thinking that if it is an indoor sign - it doesn't need to be in metal but could be like this: and then put more money on embossed stationary. But I'm only guessing here, please guide us! Kind regards,
  • Dear CH, I have upload my first version #51 for your kind attention. Logo exposes, court outline and horse merge with shield and sword. kindly check and advise. coolpixels
  • #43, Thanks for the rating and comments on #3. :) I tried to make this one a bit more "modern" and also used the chess piece you liked, and added a small sword. I hope you like it, feedback/rating is appreciated :)
  • Hi CH, #34 is the updated version of #15, if you have any comments or suggestion, please let me know... Thanks... Mark
  • #24 , #29, #78 and #99 . If there is any amends you wish me to take let me know. I know it's a colour you haven't asked for but they looked so nice together. On a business card gold foil on white look very nice. See attached link: Scroll down to business card 5 and 15 to view it on white.
  • Hello, I just submitted #27. It is an improved version of #8. Please let me know what you think. thank you very much
  • For my design #26 I focused on the mouth part of a knights suit of honor, I also put the text on a banner to continue on with the theme. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you for your consideration, Mike
  • #24 this also exist in gold/ dark grey. I will upload it if you think this is going towards the right colour scheme. If not - let me know! Thanks ps. yes - the typo will be amended :)
  • Dear CH, about #22, I agree with you about the crooked shape of K, maybe if it can be more stable it implies a feeling of power and determination. Sure I will work on it to make it more stable. could you please give your opinion about other elements of the work for instance colors or layout? Arya
  • overall layout good, but knight shield and graphic needs to stand out. please see new images and comments in brief section. thanks.
  • I like your overall layout. The chess piece needs work. Please see new images and comments posted in the brief section. I like what #15 did with the shield. please keep refining your design. Thanks!
  • I like the abstract nature, but the K looks crooked...not a word i can have associated with my practice. maybe it can be worked on?
  • too generic.
  • Dear CH, I am the designer of logo #22, Based on your leading thoughts about the feel of the logo, I suggest a minimal logo with a modern feeling which is also because of its firmness and carefully designed positive and negative spaces makes a professional feeling about it. The signs and symbols are the ones you referred in the brief with a typographical emphasis on first letter of your last name. I did not think that stereotyped shiny surfaces with complicated outlined shapes were appropriate for a professional business nowadays. Thank you in advance for your comment and opinion, Arya