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Winning design #95 by FEMAE, Logo Design for Chrome Atom logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FEMAE

Project description

Logo for IT services company, targeting network design/configuration and server infrastructure. Company name is Chrome Atom

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  • I'd rather have a shorter but longer logo and I don't think I like having the C in the atom symbol. Maybe if it was the C and A and a little smaller. But I think with the text included in the logo it doesn't need the letters in the symbol. Thanks
    • About #3 Will you please elaborate on "shorter but longer"? Do you prefer the text in the symbol or below? Thank you

    • The text can be in or below or even to the side. What I mean by shorter but longer, sorry, I realize that was kind of confusing, I mean a logo that is wider, more of a landscape style logo than a portrait. Does that make sense? Thanks

    • Understood, thank you. Please let me know if #7 can be improved.

  • Looks better without the gradient background but if we were to have a tagline it would "solutions not services". But we don't need the tagline in the logo necessarily.....
  • I like the layout but not the colors. Also the b&w logo kind of makes the atom look more like a flower.
    • Hi Ch, Thanks for the feedback. I hope you like #24 better. Any feedback would be great! Thank You

  • Very interesting design, looks very nice, its interesting because you are the first one so far to not include the atom symbol or molecule of some sort. My only downside on this particular design is the text doesn't stand out like the logo does.
    • I've just submitted #23 as a more elaborate alternate version to #8. I've also changed to a more modern font. Is this better, or should I concentrate on developing #6? Thanks.

  • Of the two you submitted this one is very nice. Looks more balanced with the symbol in the middle of the logo. Can you play with the text weight? What I mean is, make the word chrome heavier than the word atom like in your first submission? I'd like to see how that looks with the second entry. Thanks
    • Hi eickst, please see my update design thanks

  • Looks good but we would need a little bit of color. We don't want the color to provide all of the effect, so we can still get a good look from black and white print, etc, but for web and email, full color print we want something to stand out.
  • The logo has too many symbols, both words have them and there's also one outside of the text. We are definitely wanting something 'not simple' but this has too much going on
  • Thanks for the design, but it is just a little to simple for our tastes. We are definitely looking for something more hi-tech to go along with our business category.
  • Hi CH ? #12...Mohon saran dan komentarnya. Terima kasih
  • Hello eickst, Please take a look at design #10. Any improvements or comments? Please don't hesitate to ask. Your feedback is appreciated, thanks for your time.
  • Hi CH i've just submitted #48 i hope you like my design, please give your feedback thanks
  • Hello CH? #41 mohon saran dan komentarnya. komentar dari CH sangat saya harapkan untuk kemajuan design saya. Terima kasih
  • What would this look like on a white background? Would it still be grey or would you convert it to black? Thanks
    • |--|

      eickst {*wrote*}:
      What would this look like on a white background? Would it still be grey or would you convert it to black? Thanks
      |--| Dear Eickst, thank you very much for your feedback, I'm glad you like what I've come up with so far. As for the colour on a white background, I can make it both black or grey or any colour you might like really :-).

  • From your scoring of #6, I decided to submit a few more variations of that design for you: #62 & #63
  • This one is cool, I like this one much more than the others you submitted even though those were pretty good as well
  • HI CH,thanks a lot for the criticism I really appreciate it. The second design, #58 I made not too complex. hope you like it. dont forget to give a feedback. thanks
  • I would concentrate on this one out of the ones you have done. This one looks good, but we just don't want a tagline in our logo.
  • We don't necessarily need to have the atom symbol, in this case when you use the C and the A and put the atom symbol inside its too busy looking for us. Thank You
  • Like this one better than your other one, but maybe we could see it with the atom text moved closer to the symbol? Thanks
  • Sorry we need something more professional i.e. corporate looking.