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Extremely happy with the final result. Was a pleasure working with the designers. The response to comments was immediate. Excellent process, excellent results.


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Winning design #110 by Dinda, Logo Design for Cinch Software Contest
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designed by Dinda

Project description

Logo for a new software that will come in several modules. The umbrella name is Cinch, so chosen because it matches the ethos of the software, in that it must be easy to use. There is a secondary reason also as the letters CNC (which is the machines used with this product) appear in the correct order, and can be enhanced, e.g. CiNCh. I have a quick logo on the website I need to replace. The logo can have the following verities: Cinch Software - Umbrella name. Cinch CAM - Module 1 Cinch Joinery - Module 2

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  • Check out georgean fanlights on Google. May be some inspiration there. This is one of the products my software will produce. Would lend to a good graphic.
    • Thanks.... i have submitted two more new designs #17 & #18 Regards DexMind

  • Getting better. But the graphic needs more work.
    • Thanks Jerry for your feedback... I got the direction .. Now I'm working on it to make it better Regards Dexmind

  • Not professional enough. thanks for entry
  • Not bad. But don't get the graphic. Comes across as a speech bubble. Or is there a meaning I am missing?
    • i tried making it like the letter C with a pointer

    • I'm looking for something more picture based than letter based. Check the window beside my logo on my homepage. This is the current icon for the software. See if it inspires you.

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      jerry1 {*wrote*}:
      I'm looking for something more picture based than letter based. Check the window beside my logo on my homepage. This is the current icon for the software. See if it inspires you.

  • Not a bad effort, but not what I am after. I still see some aspects I like though so I wont eliminate it yet.
    • Dear Jerry I have revised my previous version of design to this #14.. I hope it is better Regards Dexmind

  • Nice graphic, but I don't think it suits the product. Not easily legible and probably more suited to a restaurant than a engineering software. Perhaps too feminine.
  • Hi, better than the last. But I need the CNC to be more obvious. As you have treated the N differently than the C's this is the most prominent aspect of the logo. Would also like a graphic that reflects the product.
  • In my my brief I explained that I was looking to emphasize the CNC in Cinch. CNC reflects the technology. I would prefer a graphic that reflects the product not the first letter of the company name.
    • Hello CH, please check my update design. kind regards, MagicStar

  • Thanks for entry. Not what I am after. The logo is a bit difficult to read. I am not a fan of the thin lines of the letters, they would not work well in small scale or embroidered on a shirt. Not a fan of the graphic also.
  • I like the simplicity and the fonts are nice and clean and professional. I would appreciate a graphic also. See my comments about your other entry, I prefer this option.
  • I do however like the simplicity and the fonts are nice and clean and professional.
  • Not what I am after thanks. Logos are too amateur. I am looking for a graphic that reflects the product. Check my current website.
  • Best so far, by a long way. Like the font, like its movement. Colors are good also, think they would work well in the website. I am not completely sure of the graphic. I like the idea, I like the simplicity. FYI: I have an icon for the software designed based on the window graphic on the top left of the homepage (beside the current crap logo): This may help with an idea. I would be more interested in a picture graphic rather than a letter based one.
  • Not for me thanks for the submission. Not professional enough. Dislike the graphic, and the fonts.
  • Background looks like a CD? This has no relevance to my business. I like colors, but the fonts are not clear enough. Bit too messy for my liking.
  • Not what I am after. Not professional looking. Don't like the font.
  • Hi, I like the look of the 3D image. Reflects the software as the environment is 3D based. However I would like a symbol more picture or graphic. Something that represents the product. Check my website: Also I see that you are using the two C's to represent botha C and S. The word software is subscript and should not be concidered in the symbol.
    • Hi jerry, thanks for the reply. will work on a revision for you and upload when done. thanks again - bp

  • hi Ch, i have submitted #34. please provide feedback. thanks!
  • Hi Dex, thanks for another entry. I must say I enjoy working with you. The problem with combining these 2 elements is that they are a bit too busy. Perhaps removing some detail from the fanlight graphic would help? Although first, the border around the square window element was always too heavy. Perhaps slimming this element down closer in section to the top of the fanlight would improve it? I also played with the H in the Cinch and mirrored it so the grey was on the left. This I felt helped with the separation for the CNC in cinch. I would ask that you conciser some colors for a dark grey background, as this is how it will appear on the website. I realize I will need both as your current would look better on letterhead.
    • Thanks jerry for your advice and the Ideas I have made the required changes according to your idea...#36 and hope I have not messed it.. Regards Dexmind :)

  • There is still something I like about this one. My difficulty here is that it is not elegant enough. The font seems a bit strong.