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Winning design #132 by JeeJones, Logo Design for Cinchapi Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JeeJones

Project description

I'd like a logo for my technology startup, Cinchapi.

Cinchapi is a self-managing big data platform that automatically adapts to any workload and enables interactive analytics at scale.

I tend to like logos that are flat, colorful and inviting. I want something that is simple and pops.

UPDATE: Feel free to use colors other than the ones I've specified in the brief. Let your creativity and imagination run wild.

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  • Here is new version where is circle filled in. Thank you! #143
  • Per your request I send new changes. Thanks! #139
    • @JeeJones can you show me how it would look if the circle were filled in?

  • About #132, @JeeJones Another last change. Can you should me how this would look if the colorful "C" were a full circle instead of a "C".
  • Here it is. Thanks #132
  • About #127, @JeeJones Great! One last change, for both backgrounds can you show me a third option where the colorful "C" is situated to the left, but is part of the word. So it should look like big colorful "C" followed by "inchapi" and all look like one word. I'd like to see that alongside the other two options you have now for each background.
  • Logo Design #131
  • Logo Design #130
  • Logo Design #129
  • Logo design #128
  • Both version. Thanks. #127
  • About #123, @JeeJones this is great! Can you also include a version with the white background with the same font thickness as this one?
  • Hello, with a little bit thicker font. Thanks #123
  • About #85, @JeeJones can i see this one with the dots on the i's the same color as the rest of the text?
  • About #70, @Lancer can i see this with the font color a slightly darker gray?
  • About #83, @realdesigner Can you post the digital version of this one?
  • I'm sendin another version of my previous design with a little bit thinner typography. Thank you! #76
  • Thank you for comments! I really appreciate!

    I'm sending revision of design #74. #75
  • About #74, @redlogo Can you remove the connection between the bottom left and the bottom circle (so that the bottom is just a circle, similar to the one at the top). And have the bottom circle be the color green. Also, can you make the font weight a touch or two thinner?
  • Thank you for comments! I'm sending revision of my design #73. #74
  • About #73, @redlogo can i see how this would look with the bubble on the lower left the same color of and connected to the blob in the middle? Also, can you use a font that is similar to that used #70?