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Winning design #22 by thangamaric, Logo Design for Cineboda Contest
Gold Medal

designed by thangamaric

Project description

We are looking for a logo for this awesome project - it will be used to brand the panniers holding the cinema kit, on the bike, and on the manual and stuff like that. Maybe on a baseball cap or similar too. We want it to look great. It will ideally work both small and larger - as a small logo and as a bigger image on the motorbike panniers... please read the brief carefully before doing the design. The kit will be used mainly in conflict zones to begin with to reach people in really remote areas and to inform them about information that is relevant to them and help people communicate with each other -


The Cine-Boda is a mobile motorbike cinema that can be used to transport and screen films in remote areas without access to external power for weeks at a time. 

Key Requirements

This portable cinema system is designed to meet the following core requirements:

·       Audiences of 100-250 people

·       Functional in remote areas without access to A.C power or generators

·       Easy and inexpensive to transport (without need for car)

·       No prior experience required for use

·       Easy to install and operate

·       Sound volume sufficient for outdoors and amidst background noise

·       Microphone to facilitate showings and discussion

·       Rugged and suitable in harsh environments

·       Secure storage

·       Branded components

·       Manual in English and Arabic


Product Outline

The Cine-Boda is a mobile motorbike cinema. The projector is powered by a power reservoir which can be charged in three ways: 1) via the motorbike alternator; 2) via a set of solar panels (included); and 3) via A.C power when available.


The sound system is easily suitable for audiences of up to 300 - projecting sound up to 150m. It is charged via A.C mains and a full charge provides up to 50 hours of continuous play (over 2 weeks of twice-daily film showings in the bush). It can also be run from the motorbike engine if required.


The screen is folding, washable with no possible breaking parts and can be displayed in any location. All components pack neatly into sealed and lockable rugged panniers – protecting the gear from dust, sand and water.


The Cine-Boda is therefore an ideal means to transport and screen films in remote areas without access to external power for weeks at a time.

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  • Hi there, Thanks for all yoru work on this. I do like this one with the silhoette. If the silhoette could somehow be more the cinema and less the boy it might be great. Somehow to show the scene of the motorbike cinema in action (very simply) in the silhoette, might be great! #37
    • About #37, @milnerchris
      Dear Milnerchris i will change it but it is only possible when you select the design.

  • HI , something more serious and eyecatch :) #34
  • Hey, great stuff. But i think this breaks up the clean design doesn't it... it might be a bad idea.. but could you try integrating with a more simple type icon like this one.. Thanks! #32
    • nhr

      About #32, @milnerchris
      Yes, breaks clean design but give human note :) However, revision looks good to, I think: #33

  • Hey, we like your work. Could you try adding a handshake or something as an 'image' being projected onto the 'screen'.. something symbolising harmony, reconciliation.. #19
    • nhr

      About #19, @milnerchris
      Thank you very much :) Revision is here #32

  • I updated per the Brief request. Please note just like previous submitted logos I can changed the colors around and I also can apply the text effect. Thank you for your time! #25
  • Here is another version with some text effects. If you like this version I can also change the colors. Thank you for your time! #5
  • I have included 5 different variants of the logo I created, each with a different color showcase. #1