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Logo for a new ride in our Bakersfield, CA store. This ride is a kiddie train with circus animals on it. Actual graphic would be 4" tall by about 12" wide. Open to all ideas cartoon illustration. NEED Circus Safari in the artwork DO NOT NEED and reference to Johns Incredible Pizza Company for this version.

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  • Are there very preferred animals your ride has on it?
  • @contestholder Thanks for comment; wil make revision and will come up with good updated design later today! designkb
  • Dear CH, New Artwork: #10.....compared to #2. I used brighter colors, replaced the giraffe and panda with the nice, happy clown and lion; also added more detail and vibrant illustration to the train as you requested. I'm willing to revise as needed. Thanks! - Marvel
  • Please take a look at train photos uploaded. Need train colors brighter,bit more detail on teh train. replace animals with Monkey Clown Lion so to match the animals on the train. Remove Food & Fun Replace with Ride Name: Circus Safari
  • Please take a look at photos of Train. Need colors brighter a bit more detail in graphics. In train place clown, lion and keep the monkey remove giraffe and panda since those animals are not on the ride.
  • @contestholder, love to hear your comments, did 3 versions ! what about the names and text you want? : i see this is not completely clear.. designKB
  • This is my entry but I'm kind of confused on the what word should be used in the logo...let me know if I did it wrongly I would be glad to changed it. thanks so much.
  • Dear CH, My first design for your review: #2 (very modern and kid-friendly). - Marvel
  • Dont care for the grey smoke, can you keep the original blue you used and just make that a bit darker not quite tis dark Thanks alomst there!
  • Like smoke, please make smoke a bit darker hard to see
  • error in my text : sorry :little big should be : little bit
  • did what you asked for: little big 3 d on train changed monkey + because of that also lion. Is good i think myself :-) suprised by your first choice at this time: not looking like picture at all no lion or monkey.. please keep in mind that design must look good in all formats! designKB
  • Little more 3-D detail in the train, different monkey
  • Hello, Love the detail here. Can you remove Johns Incrdible Pizza and replace with Circus Safari. For this logo we do not need referece to John's. Train larger add another car, working smaller
  • I forgot to draw monkey's ears so i fixed it but they do not let me upload it because its duplicate with my old one