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Winning design #59 by LifeFX, Logo Design for Civil & Mine Readiness Training Contest
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designed by LifeFX

Project description

We train machinery operators for civil and mining employment on real mining equipment, not on simulators or computers alone. Students get hands on, real life mine/quarry experience on machines they will be operating when they are employed. We operate in tropical North Queensland, Australia. Mining machinery are a big part of our business, but using a single machine would be cliche. Use of tyre tracks or a loader bucket could be incorporated. It is a tough, male oriented industry, however female operators are on the rise. Machinery are generally massive and very expensive. Mining companies require quality operaters to drive their million dollar machinery. Logo needs to be simple & to the point, so it can be easily recognised and embroided on shirts/hats etc. The trading name is "CMRT", which should/could be the basis of the logo.

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  • Hello Contest Holder, Please find my new designs uploaded: #8, #9 and #10. Please tell me if you like them. Thanks & Regards, Premiumlogo
  • element of the #1 design
  • to similar to another entry in this contest
  • Hi CH, Thanks for the ratings. Basically my two previous submissions are based on the same concept, wheel-people. So I decided to explore #13. #44 is the same but with lesser element. #45 has a slight touch of dynamism with the three people look like comin out of the isometric viewed wheel. somehow it gives meaning of high quality graduatee in result. And I gave them both the options of gradation, flat and single color version. kindly review my designs.
  • Hi CH, Thanks for your feedback on my design! I've submitted 6 more variations per your direction. For two I changed to a circular shape and for one of those I changed the look of the people. Some are more simpler than others. Please let me know what you like/dislike and I'd be happy to make any revisions!
  • Hello stirlingtavener, Thank you for the feedback of my previous designs. #27 #32 #33 are the revised version of my work. It is very nice working with you. I'll be waiting for another feedback. Thank you and more power! #LifeFX
  • About #2 Revised version would be #31 Thank for your critique Open for any revisions Mahalo
  • I like the driver, but needs to be more heavy machinery rather than with wheels. stronger colours needed. thks
  • I like the idea, but a little plain - sorry.
  • I like it, but just needs something a little extra.
  • Looks great, but the tractor makes it a bit 'busy' and complicated to be embroided. could you incorporate silhouette/outline of people somehow?
  • I like it, but needs to be abit bigger.
  • I see where you're going and is good, but we need a symbol of some kind as part of the logo also.
  • Very catchy. what is the circle shape? could you make it something to do with silhouette of people? could you also use one or two strong colours, so will stand out on a shirt or hat?
  • Very catchy. can you change the font to something alittle'stronger/tougher'? can you also change the right hammer to a shovel and put the full name in small writing underneath or around the outside of the circle. could you use a brighter orange and maybe some colour variations for the writing/wheel/pick.
  • I really like this one too. can you put the full name in small font underneath the CMRT? can you also do some colour variations. Strong orange/red/green may be good.
  • I really like it, but can you make the circle a full circle and remove the star, or put something else there. Also can you use brighter stronger colour or two. can you also put the full name "Civil & Mine Readiness Training" in small letters under the CMRT.
  • I really like it, but can you put something else in the centre of the circle. Also can you use brighter stronger colour or two.
  • #13 is most what we're looking for at the moment. Can it have the full name also in the logo. also remove the star and make the full circle with the people in it.
  • Hi CH, I've uploaded 4 revised options. I've removed the line above all their heads and explored various background wheels. One with more humps, one with more humps and more curved and one with the same humps but wider. You will also see that one of them shows the three men blending with the circle below (#75) while the other three do not. Please let me know what you like as any of these variations can be mixed to your exact liking! Thanks!