Clark County Medical Society

There was a wide variety of designs submitted, several by very good designers. For the price we paid as a prize I feel like we got a terrific product and the designers really worked with us to get it exactly how we wanted. I am very very happy with the logo we received.


$275 paid

101 custom designs

16pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #101 by morabira , Logo Design for Clark County Medical Society Contest
Gold Medal

designed by morabira

Project description

We have represented physicians and physician assistants in Clark County, Washington since 1941. We are a nonprofit membership organization and fund programming from dues. 

A reference to Clark County would be nice if it works (Columbia River, Fort Vancouver, Mt. St. Helens, evergreen trees, etc.)

If possible, the logo should include a reference to 1941 (such as "since 1941" or "Est. 1941"). Especially if a seal is incorporated. 

We would also like some interpretation of the rod of ascelpius ( to appear somewhere. 

Below is just a color suggestion. We like shades of blue. 

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  • I like this design (and #49 and #48). Just an idea: can you add a few lines to make the bottom part look like a river is in the background? Our president is hoping the Columbia River can be featured somehow, and the bottom curves of the serpent look like they kind of have a river motion. Just an idea. #50
    • @ccms Thank you for the rating and feedback. I am very glad you like it. Here are some versions #92, #93, #95, #96, #97, #98, #99, #100. I hope that's what you have in mind :) #92, #93 is an interpretation of areal view of part of Columbia river

  • Here's another option. Hope you like it. Good luck #77
  • here's another version. Hope you like it. Good luck #76
  • Here's another approach. Hope im on track. Good luck. #75
  • here's my revision hope im still on track. Good luck #74
  • @CCMS In this design I adjust the color balance for greenish blue color #70
  • @CCMS Pls kindly check my new design placed columbia river as background... #69
  • About #66, @morabira I really like this a lot! My only concern is that the greens seem to clash a tiny bit with the background. Is there a way to make both of the two green tones a little darker (so they are still different on each side of the staff) and see how that looks against the background. I'm just curious, but I like this a lot.
  • Can you make the font look a bit more classic and change the purple to a shade of blue? Thanks! #45
  • Is it possible to see this overall design with some of the detail taken out? Maybe only have one object on each side of the staff? It looks a bit too busy to me. Thanks! #52
    • @ccms Thanks for your valuable comments. Sure will update as you said.

  • Is it possible to see this overall design with some of the detail taken out? Maybe only have one object on each side of the staff? It looks a bit too busy to me. Thanks! #53
  • I really like your designs and style, but our president thinks the oak leaf looks a bit too much like Marijuana, and oak isn't really common in the area.

    Is it possible to change the plant to a Douglas fir tree or branch with pine cones?

    Another idea she suggested was to have the Columbia River with mountains behind it.

    I really like your style and colors and would like to pick one of yours! #30
  • Re-uploaded because the staff was crooked #58
  • Re uploaded due to the staff being crooked on both logos #57
  • What is your opinion on this layout? do you prefer this to the old one? #56
  • How is this? & Is there anything you would like me to change? & also is there any particular colors you would like me to change? #55
  • Hello. You are time are talking to make a "medical snake" but i am thinking different. You dont need this becouse all of medical have this symbol. If you want to be uniq take different logo. My logo are modern and classic style of font. It looks really professional, when i am looking on this i am thinking "you really can help me". In the center you have CC like name. I dont give then snake but the pulse of heart are looking good. #54
  • Can you decrease the size of the staff/serpent just a little bit? It looks a little out of proportion to the rest of the logo. #20
    • @ccms Here it is #46 And some more options #47, #48, #49, #50

  • Thank you for the feedback. Here's my revision hope you like it. Good luck #45
  • About #39, @morabira We really like the contemporary interpretation of a seal on this one and #30!