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Winning design #41 by arthakkar, Logo Design for Clarke's Hunt Club Optical Contest
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designed by arthakkar

Project description

This is a small town optometrist that has one location in the Hunt Club area of Orlando. Their website is being redone at the moment but its here if you care: . They are all about customer service and a family type feel when you do business with them. We want a new logo for them that will be integrated into the new website project that we just are starting. You can see the WordPress template being used here Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. 

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  • I hope I am on the right track. Good luck #81
  • this logo can 2 variant looking means.
    1. its like a doctor face use glasses
    2. like a trolley and the wheel a glasses #65
  • This logo is done in Adobe Photoshop by me! #54
  • This logo is done in Adobe Photoshop CC by me! #51
  • plus, given the dice can be used as parts of lenses for eyes #42 and #43
  • Please let me know if you'd like to see any changes. Thanks! #44
  • I am focused on 3D design-please look #42 and #43. The modern eyes look on optical and technology about that is represent as added icon on a left side of the logo. I am going on the vision to avoid the classic glasses, because I think it's more views and outdated. I am trying to make some interesting, and new, combination mix of retro style and modern 3D look. Maybe you like.
  • clarke high blue #43
  • clarke modern optical eye 3D design with technology on left side #42
  • Dear Sir
    logo attached
    feedback plz
    thanks #41
  • Dear Sir
    logo attached
    feedback plz
    thanks #40
  • hi check my entry #23
  • Here is the revised logo with the proper word placement. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for modifications so that we can get you the best logo! #20
  • i like it. However, "Hunt Club" shouldnt be split since its a location. #18
    • About #18, @dustin3 Thanks for the feedback! I'll make the change and post it shortly.

  • different approach. text looks a little too plain though.. #13
  • Hunt Club shouldnt be separated #15
  • Please find attached Draft#1 for the logo redesign for Clarke's Hunt Club Optical.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions for variations on this logo design. #18
  • Hi
    check my entry
  • Hi check my entry
  • Dear Sir
    logo attached
    feedback plz
    thanks #12