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Winning design #587 by slLamet, Logo Design for Clarkson Car Club Contest
Gold Medal

designed by slLamet

Project description

We are a college/university sports car club, looking for a modern, European/Nordic feeling logo to represent the club and to use on apparel and stickers. Font should be old school style, similar to Ray Ban/ Coca Cola branding. Try to use small amounts of green and gold in a subtle way, these are our school colors. If you could create two designs, one to be used as a logo, and one to be used as a decal or stickers. They can be very similar but we want the sticker to be Longer than it is Tall. ORIGINALITY GOES A LONG WAY

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  • About #628, @slLamet sory sir, okey sir :)
    • @slLamet Let me know if you had something you wanted to submit

    • @cscc sory sir :(

    • @slLamet what's the solution sir :(

    • @slLamet

    • @cscc okey sir :)

    • @slLamet

    • @slLamet

    • @slLamet

    • @cscc it's maybe broke the rule sir , to contact the designer on the outside contest when the contest is over.. thanks :)

    • @wenxDesign I did not know, thanks for the information

    • @wenxDesign Thank you for that information, no email was sent, we will decide a winner based the ending submissions soon

    • @cscc it's okey sir.. i will wait for the final contest :)

    • @cscc it's okey sir.. i will wait for the final contest :)

  • Like this sir ?
    thanks :) #631
    • @wenxDesign Thanks for the submission

    • @cscc your welcome sir.. happy to work with you..

  • You can 1111111111111111111111111
  • About #627, @wenxDesign yeah the shade is right now, I liked the gold band around the outside and maybe a small amount of gold where it says car club
  • Not sure what this car is, would love to see the 1998 Volvo C70 coupe #628
  • what do you mean like this sir?
    thanks #626
  • About #616, @slLamet okey sir I will try it :)
    • @slLamet Yeah so do the 1998 volvo coupe, and the edits to the 240 wagon. Thanks for your work

    • @slLamet Yeah so do the 1998 volvo coupe, and the edits to the 240 wagon. Thanks for your work

  • A professional typographic logo on an old school car model that would go as perfect as a sticker or a logo.
    Added a B&W version and a colored one too.
    A unique and elegant design that would shine everywhere it would be put.

    A feedback and rating would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you. #623
  • About #621, @wenxDesign Sweet, can you make it one solid green, kinda looks like its two shades split in the middle
  • without a round #622
  • sticker with a round #621
  • here sir.. hope you like this
    thanks.. #620
  • About #618, @wenxDesign This is excellent, can you make a sticker with the circle and one without
  • About #616, @slLamet Also can you outline a 1998 Volvo C70 coupe.Thanks
  • About #616, @slLamet Put a roof rack on it but not the stuff on the roof. But very cool. Could you do a Porsche and edit this one. Thanks, like the mountains
  • . #618
  • please check and i hope you give me feedback.
    i will give my best for you.



    Dav #613
  • This is closer just tune down the green a bit, also we like a less enclosed look #608
  • . #611
  • Please check #610