Classic Printing, Inc.

Even tough we did not pick a winner in the first week, we got an extension and had a lot of nice submissions. Then we got "The One" we were looking for. Unique, interesting and just right. Made a few minor changes with the designer and she did just what we asked for and in a timely manner.

$275 paid

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Winning design #160 by MES, Logo Design for Classic Printing, Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MES

Project description

I want a logo with a vintage octopus look. I am a small commercial printer and want a unique logo to help me stand out. I want a versatile logo that can be used on business cards, stationery, t shirt logo (should be able to reverse colors to put on black, white or colored background) signage including marquee and banner, lettering as well as on shop window and walls. The octopus should have texture and look playful but not childlike or too scary. This print shop has been in business since 1986. I want Classic Printing, Inc. and since 1986 and a fun tag line like "for all your inking needs".

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  • About #160, @MES These are great! I think we like this one best. Maybe just a little tweaking to the font. Hope this looks good with colors too. Nice job.
    • MES

      @classicprinting great! . what words you want to change the font?

    • MES

      @classicprinting after you choose a winner you have 7 days to request the designer some changes in the design.

      God bless

    • About #160, @MES I think we would like to see the second line in the same font as Classic (looks like Castellar?) and then the bottom tagline in Great Vibes, I hope you have that font. Thanks!

  • Another option #162
  • Let me know what you think please.

    Thanks #161
  • MES
    @classicprinting hello #158 #159 #160. what do you think?
  • I like this. Can I see it with the tag line "for all your inking needs" in a font like great vibes or similar font under printing please. #149
    • MES

      @classicprinting great.. thank you

  • About #125, @hohodont too much going on.
  • About #124, @hohodont Octo is ok, thank you for changing up the font but it does not stand out enough from the design.
  • About #119, @hohodont This octopus is too familiar, I see it a lot. Want something a little more unique. But I like the bubbles and the effort.
  • About #107, @Kristina2912 Rays are better, not using the 1986-2016. Font is a little better but still not quite right.
  • About #100, @seegor Neat idea with the banner but just not what we are looking for in an octopus. Font is ok.
  • About #98, @Kristina2912 Again rays too harsh not using the 1986-2016
  • About #97, @Kristina2912 Rays are too harsh. Font is too plain.
  • About #52, @Carcharias Again too round, even more so with the double circle.
  • About #51, @Carcharias Too round with the wording, makes it hard to read.
  • About #33, @superbeam Octopus is ok but not bleeding off the edge.
  • About #19, @operhal Like the way the font is slanted but the octopus is not our favorite. Not using the 1986-2016 anymore.
  • About #8, @Kristina2912 Not using the 1986 and 2016 anymore
  • About #153, @info98 I appreciate all the effort. Not really the look we are going for. The octopus is not our favorite and we were hoping to see a more decorative font.
  • I hope you like this #151
  • Hi there.
    This is my proposal for your logo.
    Let me know if i'm on track.
    Best Regards!
    Daniel #150