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I want a logo with a vintage octopus look. I am a small commercial printer and want a unique logo to help me stand out. I want a versatile logo that can be used on business cards, stationery, t shirt logo (should be able to reverse colors to put on black, white or colored background) signage including marquee and banner, lettering as well as on shop window and walls. The octopus should have texture and look playful but not childlike or too scary. This print shop has been in business since 1986. I want Classic Printing, Inc. and since 1986 and a fun tag line like "for all your inking needs".

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  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback, I made the change, I hope you enjoy it. Sincerely Christina.
  • The name gets lost as the octo dominates and it is hard to tell it is an octopus, the head is kinda lost in the tentacles. #115
    • About #115, @classicprinting
      thank you for your feedback, I'll try to make a new design for you, greetings

  • About #123, @MES Interesting concept
    • MES

      @classicprinting thanks

  • About #110, @ramelan550 Nice idea, maybe light rays behind and a thinner circle?
  • MES
    @classicprinting hello #123 . what do you think?
  • Thank you for the 2 tone background. I am really looking for those thin light rays in the background though. And the wording is too small, gets lost. #122
  • Octo still seems too symmetrical. thanks for changing it though #121
  • The ocot looks a bit too alien to me. Light rays a bit too small and too thick #120
  • I like the ink bubbles. Instead of the circle maybe thin light rays? And the font is just a bit too hard to read but thank you for changing it up from the standard. #119
  • I like this ok. would like to see a less symmetrical look though #118
  • The ocot is too symmetrical and not wild about the rainbow of colors, even though we are a print shop. #113
  • The name Classic Printing is lost, octo dominates. #112
  • Not the kind of octo we are looking for and do not like Old English type fonts. The crown is cute. thanks #111
  • Thank you, seems a little to child like #109
  • not enough lines and too thick. Thank you for changing up the font, not crazy about this one though. #106
  • not enough lines and too thick #105
  • not enough lines and too thick #104
  • I like the rays behind, thin like this, maybe bring the top and bottom out more to extend behind Classic Printing and Print shop too. Possibly change to Since on left and 1986 on right (no 2016). And bring Classic Printing up on the ends so its straighter, not perfectly straight though ;) #107
  • Not wild about this octopus. Thank you. #100
    • @classicprinting Dear CH thank you for feedback, please check my new entrys #113 #114 #117 #118 Kind Regards...

  • I tried to make the design for you sir, please let me know if there needs to be revised, I am expecting your advice to get the best, thanks, greetings #115