Clay Genie

This was a really good approach to getting a logo designed for my company. I received lots of entries. Personally I found the experience rewarding, particularly as I was able to interact with the designers and get them to tweak aspects so that I ended up with something that was unique, and represented by brand perfectly. It's not the cheapest, but certainly is good.

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Winning design #58 by Jadugar, Logo Design for Clay Genie Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jadugar

Project description

This competition relates to a company logo for a novel grill.  This is based on the classical tandoor clay pot cooking method hence the name Clay Genie.  

1.       How to cook in a tandoor (for those of you that are unfamiliar with this)”


2.       What does a tandoor clay pot look like?


3.       What does the image need to convey?

Intense heat


I like the symbology associated with Yogis (Indian holy  men) in their meditative lotus position.  Good graphics that might point you in the appropriate direction:


My ideal design would include the words "Clay Genie" and imagery of intense heat, the tandoor cooking vessel and the Indian holy man if possible.

The logo will probably go onto a stainless steel or black surface so would need to be distinctive and stand out.


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  • On White Background #86
  • A Genie created in flow with the Company name and a flaming tandoori pot made with connection to C.
    A Hot stick with fried food in Genie's hand. A HOT LOGO. :) #85
  • #82 #83 #84 Authentic Indian tandoor.
  • hello chek ples ? thank you #69
  • nice cocept but too cartooney. See #58 #55
    • About #55, @pallavbulsara You had liked it previously and requested changes. I'm a bit offended actually...other have come into the contest, copied my ideas and they reap the rewards. I'm out, best of luck to you. Cheers.

    • @TorontoBound Toronto - the whole Designcontest concept is very Darwinian. No offence was meant and I respect your position and most certainly your efforts. It would perhaps be worth blinding entries so only the person commissioning the contest can see the entrants, but I guess it doesn't work that way.

  • Hello pallavbulsara,
    I made a new compact version of design. The letter A is a man in the lotus position, it shows meditation and inspiration. Regards! #64
    and #65
  • Hi please have a look of this design and share some feedback. #63
  • Out of the box thinking. #62
  • Hi please have a look of this design and share some feedback #58
  • No background on this one. #54
  • I have simplified many elements of the design in order to be clear message. Any recommendation is welcome. Regards! #49
    • About #49, @ursachio
      Hi. This is perhaps the wrong direction. This looks like the head is floating out the pot perhaps?

  • I like this a lot; 2 elements need refinement. Pot needs to look like a tandoor. Second is that we need some flames. Other than that, this is fantastic. #50
  • Hi please share some feedback #50
  • I made a new design. #48
  • text with flame not necessary. different font? text underneath better? can u think about more abstract genie concept? #41
    • About #41, @pallavbulsara
      Yes, I think you're right. I'll do another design. Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Last design concept...looks like I have a competitor. LOL #39
    • About #39, @TorontoBound
      Yes nice for the buyer. Bit Darwinian for the Artists!

    • @pallavbulsara sorry....please explore #39 further. I like this lot. Perhaps a slimmer genie (this looks bit rotund like me!!!). Better defined flames....more flight out of the tandoor? Like this a lot

  • looks little angular near head. text with flame not necessary. different font? #40
  • Hello pallavbulsara,
    I have tried to implement all the changes indicated correct from you. Very good observation. I expect other recommendations for improving design. Best Regards! #40 and #41
  • Hello pallavbulsara,
    Thank you for invitation.
    This is my first concept. I tried to remove some non-essential elements, and used only solid colors. I didnţt used color gradient, which is not perfect on print , on a particular media support. Any recommendation is welcome.
    Best Regards! #36
    • About #36, @ursachio
      Great looking design - I'm quite happy with this. The observations/suggestions I'd make....can the guy have a beard? Different lettering? Can the pot be a tandoor pot? For this please see links in design brief - I just want the pot to look like a tandoor. Otherwise great and one of the best designs so far. :-)

    • @pallavbulsara Thank you for wonderful feedback. I'll try to do another version, and improve the previous one. With all due respect, ursachio

  • Logo Design #38
    • About #38, @chiraggothalia
      Thanks for entering the competition. Perhaps needs to convey the tandoor element more as this is not widely used in the US. The Genie element is also required in the logo, whether that is centered as in some of the other entries or on the side. I am ok with a simple, stylized design. Thanks.