Clayton Opera House

This was our first time using designcontest and we couldn't be more pleased. Many thanks to all of the talented designers that submitted their designs, it was a difficult choosing between so many good entries!

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Winning design #43 by HerbertNordal, Logo Design for Clayton Opera House Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HerbertNordal

Project description

Background The Clayton Opera House, a nationally registered historic place, is a stately four-story brick structure overlooking the St. Lawrence River in downtown Clayton, New York. The 525-seat Opera House has served as an important hub for cultural and community events for over a century. It is: • a renowned, year-round cultural institution for the presentation of the performing arts • a significant venue for social functions, business activities and community events • a vehicle to provide the community with enrichment, enjoyment and education in the performing arts • an important cultural destination for residents and tourists of the Thousand Islands region. We are in the process of rebranding the Opera House and, as such, are in need of a new logo. More information on the Clayton Opera House can be found at: Performances The Clayton Opera House hosts a wide variety of music genres (including classical, jazz, classic rock, country, folk, bluegrass, etc.), comedy, theater, and big screen showings of Broadway musicals and live events. Audience The Clayton Opera House is, by and large, currently supported by an older audience (50+). While we will continue to cater to our current customers, we are actively trying to engage a younger crowd (ages 25-45). Goals of the new Logo The new logo should reflect the historic nature of the building and the institution. It should be instantly recognizable and easy to read. And it should be appropriate for everything the Opera House represents -- top-notch music of all genres, a community gathering place, a facility for weddings and private parties, and an anchor of the thriving Thousand Islands village of Clayton. The Clayton Opera House is a high-end facility and historic institution and the logo should reflect that. The logo will be used in print, online, on merchandise and on signage. Final Thoughts The logo must contain these words: “Clayton Opera House”. It can be a text-only logo or it can include some graphic elements. The balcony railing of the Opera House has beautifully-curved balusters and one thought was to incorporate their shallow “S” curve as a graphic element in the logo. Another thought was for the logo to graphically-reference the square facade of the Opera House. While the Opera House is primarily a venue for the performing arts, any graphic references to music or theater should be understated.

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  • Hi CH , i just submitted a design #2 and i am waiting for your opinion ? thanxs
  • Hello. I would like to know if you could provide another picture of the building's facade. In the one that you provided you can't really see the biulding. I looked on the internet but only found pictures of the interior. Thanks
    • I just added an exterior shot of the facade. Thanks and if you need anything else just ask!

    • Hi. I submited post #1. I left out the "stairs" on the biulding because I thought they had too much detail for the logo, but let me know if you would like me to add them. I used similar colors to your website but I would like some feedback on that as well.

    • I like the color combo and the separation of the graphic element from the text. The facade looks nice but is probably too detailed for good reproduction in smaller sizes and for newspaper advertising. The facade is a good representation of the physical aspect but lacks any connection to what might go on inside the space.

  • Hi. Since I'm new to designcontest I can only upload 3 designs per contest so I tried to give you as many options as possible in design #6. Multiple color combinations as well as some music references (in some of them). Also referenced the "s" balcony you mentioned on the brief by changing some of the "s" letters in the word "House".
  • Forget the piano keys, not subtle. The simplified facade is better but the white arch and door (center, 2nd floor) stand out too much. Maybe add some detail back in those two areas and also the small balcony above the center arch. Good clean layout, thanks.
  • Not in love with this at all. The building proportion has been skewed so it appears much taller than it is in reality. Too photo-based meaning - we would prefer something more original than just taking a photo of the building and converting it to grayscale.
  • Hi. I updated my design #3. I simplifyed the biulding's facade. I thought you didn't want any musical reference("any graphic references to music or theater should be understated"). Could you be more specific about what you want to be represented when you say :"any connection to what might go on inside the space."? I added a piano reference in the logo on the right, let me know what you think. Thanks :)
  • Hi there, I have submitted #18 #19 and #20 I can change the colours and the font for you if you like this style. I was trying to give a stamp or seal effect, and hopefully the building is easy to recognise. Kind regards, Liz
  • Hi can you give some feedback for my design? thanks
  • Hello there. Just submitted entry #10 #9 using the shallow "S" curve as the graphic element of the logo. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome. thank you.
  • Looks great for merchandise. The word Clayton is emphasized much too strongly. Love the date, we have been around for a while.
    • afm

      Good morning! Thank you very much for your feedback. I made some changes in terms of color and typography, making the word "Clayton", does not stands as much as in the previous design.

  • Forgot to mention - would like to see this with our current logo color, Pantone 208C I believe.
    • Hello Thank you for your rating Here is the modified project following your comments, I hope I understand for the roof, I did not put too much color to maintain a certain sobriety, Precision in my approach to the creation of the logo, the "O" with the Opera building can be used separately as a reminder of the main logo, Integrated transparency or margin of a document, His vision alone should evoke the "CLAYTON Opera House" cordially ELENTIR

  • Dear Contest Holder, Thank you for your positive feedback. I have taken your comments on board and have submitted designs #35 #36 #37 #38 #39 and #40. You can see that I have tried various fonts, I have tried the muted colours I originally used and then versions in your website colour. All of these will work as grayscale or black and white. Also as embroidery if that ever arose. I was trying to modern it up just a little bit, but have entered one very traditional logo. I was thinking that you may have jazz or modern dance of something where you could use a logo that would not look out of place on a modern poster, yet still fits well on a traditional evening. I am more than happy to try out anything you might suggest, fonts, colours, things can be mixed and matched. Kind regards, Liz
  • This really working well. I don't have any other changes for you now. It will take several hours to gather the next round of comments from my committee.
  • Living up to your user handle - kwik! Looks good in our traditional color but as shown in your other designs can work in black and white or gray too. Very versatile design. Since the graphic is square it makes it easier to size and position in a number of positions depending on its use. Maybe lose the vertical mast at the top of the building.
    • Hi see design #25 thanks

  • We still have a day and a half to go and I am trying to provide enough feedback to everyone to make changes or new entries. I have tried to summarize the feedback I have received from my organization's marketing committee and will continue to update as needed. Thanks again everyone for participating!
  • This is ok. Your other entry has a nice detail at the bottom of the building which helps separate the text beneath it. The font on this one isn't bad but the word clayton is a bit oversized.
    • please see my update design #23 thanks

    • That works a lot better for me. Thanks.

  • I can see this working inside an ellipse. Make a good bumper sticker or decal. For a text only logo this can work. The flowing curves are nice.
  • The top image is cleaner. The one below it adds too many frills.
  • Although I get that the graphic element is the balcony rail profile it looks a bit like a column. I like the square shape, the color is what we currently use, the font is good.
  • A bit boring and the window on its own doesn't do anything for me.