Cleaned Bins

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Project description

This for a garbage can sanitation business. It will be going on the sides of a flatbed truck. these are some examples of the larger trucks. As well as clothing, website, and the standard modes of communication. Needs to be professional but eye catching.  The website is The colors are dark blue and lime green. Colors are attached. 

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  • can you do this on dark blue and white backgrounds like #48? #125
    • @nateleger It won't be a problem to do BUT the contest is already finished and it's not possible for me to add any files any more. If you like the design we can make all the further necessary changes.

  • It looks much better like this than in a circle. Here you are. #125
  • Changes made! #116
    • @olgert Do you think this design needs any updates to be put on a shirt or hat? Thanks

    • @nateleger Also can you delete Sanitized and put eco-friendly there?

    • @nateleger Not much. The central part may be put into a circle so that it could fit a light-colored fabric. I'll show you in a moment.

  • See the attached design & give your comments.
    Thanks #118
  • can you change the bubbles to stars or steam looking? on a different model?
  • О дизайне #115, @olgert Sorry, the misprint is removed)
  • I hope you'll love it! #113
  • This is My design For you
    Thanks #110
  • can you correct the spelling to deodorized, thank you. #60
  • Bubbles with an open look. #98
  • I wanted to submit these, and put all the options out there for you. I was able to vector the steam. Thank you. #97
  • I got another design for you. Thank you. #91
  • Cleaned bins logo #83
  • Without the bubbles. Thank you. #75
    • @graphman thanks can we add something like steam instead of bubbles?

    • @nateleger Steam would be kinda tricky, being that it's vector based. It would kinda look like smelly fumes. I like what we got going, but I would like to try a different direction for you; see if you like it.

  • Cleand bins logo #78
  • sir please check it #46
    • @designlab_SHOZEB I like this, but the feedback I've received thus far is it's too simple. I'm sure that is my fault from the original post,, but take from that what you will.

  • i like the light blue shield with the upgrade I metntioned in #72 #73
  • thank you also, can we try stars or shimmer coming out of the bin instead of balls/bubbles? #72
  • I got two versions here for you. Thank you. #72
  • Please tell me if you liked this concept, otherwise i will work on to another design concept. #71
    • @designlab_SHOZEB I like this, but it could be more complex. Thanks for asking.