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Winning design #102 by mmkdesign, Logo Design for ClearBlu Business Services.  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mmkdesign

Project description

I grew up in Texas and always loved the State flower, the Texas Bluebonnet. Unfortunately, they did not grow in West Texas where I made my home. 

When we moved to Montana I learned that the Texas Bluebonnet is a type of lupine and wild lupine grows all over the place here. The wild lupine that grows here has become one of my favorite things about Montana. 

That said, I’m thinking I’d like my logo to be a simple blue and purple lupine stalk (??) situated around my business name, “ClearBlu,”(perhaps excluding "business services" to keep it simple) in some way. Here are a couple of screen shots of lupine that I’ve taken that are something like what I have in mind. I don’t have the rights to these screen shots. 


’m liking the idea of a water color image. I love the darkest watercolor below (2311) with all the background touches but I’m thinking something like that will be too “busy” for a logo. My next favorite would be something like the second image below. However, if an actual photo of lupine could be added, I'd definitely consider it. 

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  • Thank you mmkdesign! I've chosen #102 as the winning design. Trying to get the site to recognize that now. Lots of great designs from very talented designers. It was a hard decision!
    • @blukropp Thanks. I 'm really glad you liked my design. I will provide you with all the necessary files in different forms.

    • @blukropp Here is a link if necessary.

  • This option will also be provided to you. Thanks #103
  • Restored petals. #102
  • Check design. Removed problem petals. Thanks. #101
  • I 've added two states to the design. What do you think of that? #100
  • Lightened the dark areas of the design. I think it looks harmonious and beautiful, a beautiful combination of colors of design. I wait for your comments. Thanks. #97
  • Check new colors. Thanks. #96
  • One more version. Please take a look. Thank you. #93
  • Please check the design. Thanks. #92
  • Please check the design with new petal colours. Thanks. #91
    • @mmkdesign #91 is exactly what I'm looking for. Could you make the green at the tip of the cone close to the same color as the stalk and leaves. Also, please make the lighter blue more of a baby blue and less "neon." That's how I'm seeing it on my screen.

  • As a lupine cone grows it flowers at the bottom first. As the cone matures, the petals at the bottom tend to become darker. The petals in the middle tend to be lighter because they are newer. The petals at the top of the cone are green as they have just begun to develop. I wander if you might be able to adjust the colors slightly and transition from darker at the bottom to lighter in the middle to light green near the tip? I have narrowed my choice down to this one and the previous circle design you placed on business cards below. #78
  • Hi, Blukropp
    My name is Aditya.
    This design is what I thought after seeing your brief. If selected I hope this design will bring success to you. #90
  • Hi, Blukropp
    My name is Aditya.
    This design is what I thought after seeing your brief. If selected I hope this design will bring success to you. #89
  • Dear Sir
    please check this version. Thanks #88
  • I made changes and uploaded the design, please check. If you need any other changes, let me know. Regards, Kristina. Thanks. #83
  • Please check the design at your request. If changes are necessary, tell me. Thanks. #82
  • This is nice! Love the mixture of color in the petals. I wander, could you clean up the line of the stalk and make it more of a half circle so that the lupine forms a circle around my name. Also, could you change "Business Services" to "Clear.Blu.Clean"?Finally, could you make your leaf pattern similar to the image below? Thank you #71
    • @blukropp Thanks for the feedback. I will make changes and upload the design for viewing. Regards, Kristina.

  • Thank you for your feedback. Added a new design, made more petals. Also made the design look in single color mode. Thanks. #78
  • About #77, @Diyan
    Thank you
  • Please take a look new version. Thank you. #76
    • @Asiral Yes. This is what I had in mind. Thank you