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Winning design #80 by savina, Logo Design for CLEOPATRA Nightclub Contest
Gold Medal

designed by savina

Project description

New Nightclub with Egyptian Theme...

Looking for a Standout Logo of Cleopatra... (see Example attached)
The Club will be a copy of Las Vegas Cleopatra Club..
Thank You

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  • Thank you so Much for all your Time you spent on your Awesome Logos, they are Great..Thank you #80
  • here a modern approach of cleopatra #97
  • @valentinobrewery Thank you for rating my entries. Feel free to ask for any changes. #83 & #84
    • @EcoDesigns Thank your Logos are great

    • @valentinobrewery Thanks for the prompt feedback. I am glad you like the logos. #98 is another color variation for your consideration.

  • If you don't like the face of cleopatra here which I made it different to the rest . I could just go similar with other design as far as the face of cleopatra. But my idea was that the faces that will go inside your posh bar is many and different as well and I believe all are have different beauties but nevertheless beautiful #89
    • @dakouloso Thanks for your design...its good...but we prefer to go with look that they know... as this is a Glitzy Club in a Vegas style venue..

  • Hello CH.
    please check my new designs #88 #87 #86 #85 Hope you like it. any change just let me know
  • the hieroglyphics translate to cleopatra #82
  • 9 points ? Less than this thing #59 ? My work isn't dirty enough ? Thank you... #76
    • @Recycled Sorry we can do that our self....we looking for a Vegas Glitzy Logo...

  • Hope, mine is good enough. I haven't designed anything in while, but designing this Cleopatra logo was fun and hard. I was trying to go for elegant, simple and off the bat noticeable. Everyone knows who Cleopatra is! So, I was thinking she was a pharaoh, she came from royal blood. So, she should be elegant, she had the best of everything, & as well as thinking it's a nightclub so 21 and older women- beautiful and young. I was hoping if they saw this logo they would think beautiful, or " I'm a queen I should go I". Either way, I really didn't know what you wanted, hope it is? #65
    • @tellezj Hi had similar logos presented...we looking for more of a Vegas Glitzy Logo our Club is incorporated in an Entertainment Arena that hosts Biggest names in Music...thanks for your time...

  • Let me start with a kind of cleopatra warrior-like element with a C around it that makes it a broken circle plus the color is a posh that represents a posh club #75
    • @dakouloso very nice...but it looks like a roman soldier....remember she was a Knockout Female so sexy that everyone fell in love with her...

  • Different drawing of Cleopatra #67
  • Hey looks ok, but looks like Michael offence...thanks for your input.. #66
  • Hi
    I hope you like this more minimalist and iconic design. Easily applied through on different media and surfaces. Consistent and with a strong recognition factor. Looking forward to your feedback!
    Best regards
    Fredrik #63
  • Dear CH, please check this option and let me know what you think.

    My best,

  • with bangs #38
  • I'm sorry @valentinobrewery I meant to ask the designer. @KRD23 simply took an illustration from the internet and represent it as his/her work. That is not allowed as far as I know.

    This is not your original work is it? #29
  • Gold version #16
  • About #22, I would appreciate any suugestion on this design.
  • Dear Ch any ideas to improve my logo? What you like or dislike? :-)