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Winning design #114 by arsOrum, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by arsOrum

Project description

Click2eat will be a portal for ordering food online. We'd like to have the string "click2eat" as logo probably using the number 2 to divide the two words "click" and "eat"... but that is just an idea. We're open to anything awesome... surprise us!

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  • #38 Looking nice but the lower bar of the number "2" should continue and underline the word "eat"... otherwise it looks more like a question mark and the message would be something on the lines of "Click or eat?"
  • #23 How about trying this without the shiny effect and without gradient? I'm curious
  • #36 Sorry a little bit too much colour... looks "noisy". Was looking for something more minimalistic I guess. Thanks
  • #30 Is it possible to also have a light on dark background version of this? See #33. Thanks!
  • #37 Sorry.. not what I'm looking for. But thanks
  • CH try to check my work #37, i think a minimalist approach is suitable. hope you like it.
  • @Bradderz: I deleted your entry. I'm filtering among those I'd like to keep so that I don't have too much to look at. Thanks!
  • #35 How about keeping the "2" whole (no breaks) and make the lower bar underline "eat"? Do you think that would work? As it is now it looks promising but kind of "incomplete" due to the broken 2
  • Dear CH, please check my new update #35.. Loocking back for your feedback. Thanks Regards
  • how comes both of my entries got deleted i only entered one wrong one in ?
  • #30 I like it a lot. Thanks
  • In my entry # 30 put the blue like in 18 and added ".it". Await your feedback to know what you think. Regards
  • @Bradderz: deleted
  • how can i delete a entry entered wrong one sorry please help thank you
  • ok i will put the blue like in #18, just to you see the difference
  • #27... wrong contest!
  • @zeca I like the #18 blue and the #25 blue. They are ok. #26 is too "aggressive"
  • #25 has a nice looking blue. Can we also try this on #21?
  • Thanks for your comments, see my entrie #25 with a new blue, if you want i try other blue, until we get a blue that you like. Await your response Zeca
  • #25 Looking good. Thanks!