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designed by cipak

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**Client App may be better for a logo than Client App RE so run with that.**  We are an app company that specializes in high-end client facing apps for leading independent real estate brokerages. We strive for excellence and class throughout every step and we cater to our clients in a "first-class" kind of way. We try to be simple, clean and revolutionary and we want our brand to reflect that. We don't want anything similar to the standards that we see everyday... and example would be a symbol with a roof over it... We partner with brokerages to build the "mobile face of the business"... the broker is our client but we are only successful of their clients are engaged in our product.

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  • the circle is a container or application with 4 doors opening line to the center of the circle is the ease of access to the circles of communication interactions globally. half a green circle to the left to form the letter "C / client" Psychologically green color balance the emotions of people, creating a sense of calm. Green is associated with nature and the environment, creating a sense of compassion and care for all. This encourages generosity, kindness and sympathy, green relates to money, property and prestige associated with the growth and freshness. half a small circle to the right to form a magnetic field (character magnet is attracting Elmen vicinity / traders) with the color orange, which means Shows warmth, enthusiasm, friendship, business achievement, career, success, health of mind, justice, endurance, excitement, fast motion , something that grows, interest, independence. #354
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  • The C represent sunrise and the A represent house. It means that the housing company will always shine like the sun #279