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Winning design #83 by Chezz, Logo Design for Clinique Dentaire Champlain Dental Clinic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Chezz

Project description

We are a professional dental office looking for a bilingual French and English design. Please visit our website for our existing logo 

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  • simple and elegant

  • hello, feedback please #92
  • lines instead of curves?

  • this proposal has a different font and different curves refer to toothpaste

  • Hi, I've made some changes to the logo, already bigger Clinique Dentaire and Dental Clinic, I changed my place curves and gave a touch of sympathy on the longest curve, I hope you like!

  • only the name is different color, but it is already bigger Clinique Dentaire and Dental Clinic
  • Ummmm it's the same as #74? Am I missing something? #83
  • done!! #83
  • bigger Clinique Dentaire and Dental Clinic

    I changed the colors a bit, I hope you like them as well, if not let me know

    It seems to me that looks best name in gold

    • @Chezz....Thanks for your far you're def our favorite and we know who the copycats are so unless a totally different design blows us away minor tweaks on your design should be performed by you..a few things we'd like to see..first I'd still love to see different color options (the ones you sent are not to our liking) our original gold blue looks good just wondering if there are different options I might like better (I'm a visual person) also on the bigger font for dental clinic I'm not a fan of the waves being that far left (starting before Champlain) if that makes sens lol


    In this and in all competitions this is to propose creative and different designs, when they see that a design has been well described always try to imitate the design and that is wrong, try to propose different and unique things, try to send some design suit customer needs.

    Be professional

  • love the modern take on our existing design...can we get a different color scheme (gold, baby blue, clue seems dated) also can we make Clinique dentaire and dental clinic a little more visible cuz that's a problem we had with the old logo, people didn't know we were a dental office
    • Hello can you please make Clinique Dentaire and Dental Clinic bigger for these designs and in another file. Thanks

      About #58, @admin17

  • Hello CH, please see entry #68 #69 & #70 clean,modern design type
  • My professional point of view:

    Why continue using a tooth extracted, when no one would like that you take out the teeth that is also what they all wear ??

    Submitted a proposal Sans Serif typeface (without skates) which is sleek and modern, I think that fits perfect style you're after.

    Any changes or suggestions welcome

  • Teeth used to form the H #45
  • hello CH kindly check and rate my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it
    thank you:) #44
  • Designed with negative space #41
  • Hello. Please check the design, if you want to change something, write me. #36
  • please check proposal #33. it's an abstract Cs & Ds to form a corporate smiley logo. i hope you like it. thank you
  • Sir any feedback for my drafts #7 #8 ?
    • @Kreativeee, #7 #8, these look like my #5

  • CKS
    Hello, hope get your feedback.
    Erick #6