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Winning design #182 by SR, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SR

Project description is an artificial intelligence based precision health platform that allows you to do three things:  

  1. Integrate data from a variety of data sources (Insurance, Electronic Health Records, Genetic, Fitness Trackers, Environmental, Social)
  2. Create risk models to predict health outcomes and support clinical decisions optimized for individual patients
  3. Monitor and aggregate the impact of treatments over time to make the best decision for the next patient

"Closed Loop" is a reference to closing the loop on the most important questions in medicine - "Who's going to get sick?" and "What's the best thing to do to keep this person healthy?"

Our brand should communicate:
Intelligence / Smarts

It should avoid:
Fear (needles, pills, medical symbols)

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  • Could you show me some different color combinations and variations on this? The colors right now remind us a bit too much of Cortana from Microsoft. #182
    • SR

      @andrew_eye I Revised logo color but contest time expired. Thanks

  • Please rate,suggest....Thanks #225
  • Please check #209
  • any changes you would like can be made. Thank you #196
  • revised single loop #192
  • revised #191
  • hello contest holder. would you prefer just one loop rather than an infinity loop?
  • :) #180
  • :) #175
  • :) #172
  • :) #171
  • hy sir can you check my designs and sent me feedback about my designs.thanks #52
  • ^^ #167
  • #159
  • please check my design entry. If you have any suggestion, please let me know #157
  • feedback and suggestions are welcomed. #151
  • hope you like this #150

  • my logo is a combination of close logo like the letter c and the letter l which both form a lamp that symbolizes smart :)
    please feedback my design :)
    tank you:) #148
  • Two variations that I hope like. I look forward to your feedback. #147
  • high tech modern design. feedback please! thank you. #146