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designed by bjbdesignergrp

Project description

Closing Plus is the brand name for a new product offering in the real estate transaction space. This product/Service will be offered by a law firm to clients to facilitate purchase, sale and refinance closing services for real estate transactions. We are looking for a logo design that is young, modern, hip not your traditional law firm so stay away from scales of justice etc. We like vibrant colours not your typical blue, greys etc. We don't want it to be gimmicky but we would like it to be unique, thought provoking and drive an emotional connection to the process. Additionally we want the design to reflect the fact that this is a national offering across Canada but we want it to in turn have regional relevance across provinces. The product itself will be built around the notion of simplicity. The all in solution simple not complex So the mark will need to reflect this notion of simplicity and the simple solution or simple close. We are aiming to simplify a complex process with this product. A potential tag line could be Ready, Steady... Close. Or the 3 step close it's an open book right now we are searching for inspiration. Look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

Looking for something memorable that ties in the concept of Simplicity to a complex process of closing a home purchase. Have added some sample logos of recent ones that fit the bill. Please ensure we are looking at using vibrant colours blues, greens, oranges etc to make it stand out more.

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