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Winning design #269 by IconAge, Logo Design for Clothing and accessories designer logo Contest
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Project description

I am looking for a logo that is elegant and is similar to the designer logos. The idea is to have the initials of the designer in an easy to read yet elegant style text (like LV, Chanel, ...). I am open to ideas for colors and background.

The logo must have the company name: zgcollections and the designer name: zakiya gagan on it.

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  • I've posted this design in black instead of simulated "gold" simply because it's harder to see the design in digital mocked-up gold simulations. As embroidery on a label it would hold up in gold thread or any other color you like.
  • Axl
    Dear CH, The golden color in the example is not a color that works by itself in RGB or CMYK, it is an special ink. Here I try to simulate this effect, and it works well on canvas for web etc...but if you want to print, better tell to the print worker that use a golden ink instead this cream color to get the golden effect. (Of course in the winner design ). Well, possibly you knew that, :) Hope you like the design!
  • NO transparent backgrounds.
  • I have not posted several logos on a single image. I posted variations of the same soon. What is not allowed to post multiple logos in one image, and not variations.
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • The logo I am looking for should be similar to this image. Simple yet elegant. We can see that the name of the company and the designer is clearly visible.
  • Dear CH, this is my first submission. The actual logo should be black, ir solid gold. Every designs i submit are when apply on embossed style. I can sumbit all logo in black or any color if you want. I also submit more designs. thank you very much.
  • hello, i saw i made an texterror corrected already in #60 sorry about this! designKB
  • This looks more like a mens store logo. We are looking for a designer logo.
  • Name is incorrect.
  • This looks more like a logo for a computer store and not a designer.
  • This logo is simple, legible and elegant. Please let me know if you would like to see any other color variations.
  • Dear CH, I used a different font and a slightly different color. I also added dots.
  • Hello CH, #150 has a vintage yet modern design. Thanks! :)
  • I like this better than 89.
  • I like the font and the color combination but this could be improved.
  • Dear CH, Not sure if you like the font or the color.
  • #88 #89 here is my entries, simple but Strong. Thanks.
  • Dear CH #189 decided to take different approach to your logo design.