Clothing Brand in need of Logo! [Symbol/mascot + simple text logo!]

Would really wish the designers didn't google or use pre made things for my contest. because i was looking for "unique" and whenever I googled i found a lot of the elements they were using. Then I finally ended up coming up with a design i wanted and they had to just go off of that.

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Project description

I have come up with the logo I want. Really just need you guys to revise and illustrate it or tweak it to see if anything better can be made. Please go through and look at the attatched examples I've submitted.

But if anyone can come up with some kind of unique "rebel" mean looking "World Rebels" font that would be great.

I would like a simple mascot type deal. I some how want some type of "rebel" created but something simple so that it is print friendly as far as design go. So something more along the lines of silhouette or simple lines. or if you feel like you can create some type of symbol similar to what I have already at - I'd like to see those also.

here are a couple of examples that I really enjoy.
1. (i love that logo - has that "rebellious feel i'd love for my logo to have"
2. (and this logo is pretty cool too.. simple yet effective)
**Please note, although the examples ARE animals i'm not looking for the animal theme im just showing the style id like but id rather prefer something more of a person type deal.

Also, with the font/text - I'd like for it to be simple yet show "attitude" - something that can be manipulated in the future similar to Johnny cupcakes logo (how he changes it or adds on to it and throws different patterns on yet still "johnny cupcakes")

If you have any other questions just post!

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  • While at work I drew up another example but will upload later tonight. It's like the first example except on the right side there's half a world sticking out of the hand and the left side forms the lightning bolt. I don't want it filled in I'd like it to be like the example where it's just outlines - I won't accept/choose ones that are filled in.
  • so i know for sure, ive seen that fist and the bolts around here somewhere that you've done with other designs. again im looking for something custom and unique. thats one reason why i'm wanting to do the straight on fist rather than these upright ones. and also just one lighting bolt attatched to the side of the fist. like my attatched example.
  • I think if you got rid of the triangles around the world, made the main part of the lighting bolt that connects to the left of the hand wider so it looks like its part of the hand better and tilted the fist and bolt a bi to make it more straight, i'd like to see how that all looks.
  • I will be at work all day today, bu if everyone could just go off of the example image i uploaded you should all be around the right area with the logo.
  • Here is the new version of the logo. I followed your example image and with this image I took another picture of my fist so that this one could be another one of a kind fist. And then I just added the lighting bolt with the globe inside kinda like the other one. Hope you like and if you need anything changed just let me know.
  • Hey WorldRebels I just uploaded this one with the lightning bolt wider and some added color. Let me know where you would like me to go from here. Thanks!
  • I didn't drew it, it's from a vector sample I had, but still I have customized to make the logo fit. I made other a bit different. If you want I can draw one. But even then, a fist is too common, so you will end up finding something close to that anyway.
  • Question, is that fist custom? like you drew it or what. thats something im worried about because i dont want anything to look like it or googled lol.
  • alright im looking forward to it. check #47 thats pretty decent.
  • I like this version, but would also like to see another version of just one side of the lightning.
  • YAh its getting there just needs to make the bolt a bit wider as far as where it connects to the actual hand.
  • I really like this. Could you enhance this version a bit and also try one that looks more like the example i did?
  • Thanks for all the feedback! I'm working on a more original fist in the likes of the example you gave but with a slightly different twist. I'm hoping to have that up soon.
  • this is pretty clean. I would like to see if anyone can come up with something like the example i've included tho.
  • looks cool but more for the lines of a truck bedding company or so :p
  • think ive already commented. I submitted an example and would like everyone to try and recreate that.
  • if it was a bit more "rebel"ish. it seems to "nice" read the brands description and try coming up with somehting else if you can similar to what ive included as example.
  • looking for something more along the lines of the examples ive included or a custom drawn "World Rebels"
  • i like this man. could you do a little more with this? some other variations so I could check out. maybe one similar to my example image i attatched.
  • Hey CH, #41 is my first submission! Let me know what you think! :) Thanks