Clothing company seeking catchy logo design.

Great experience with this contest, this was our first time using this site but it was easy and everyone was great from the support team to the designers. Thank you all for your help and time.

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We have been throwing around a "double A" or "single A" logo but are open to all design ideas. Looking for something thats simple, catchy and not too feminine or too masculine.

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  • Sofiano the background is good, looking at different designs on different backdrops will be helpfull, that gives me a good look at something not on pure white, thank you. As far as the design itself, see if you can give me something a little more aggressive.
  • Hello CH, My entry is #4 Feedback is appreciated. Do you mind the background I used on the logo? Or you would like to see it on a blanc white canvas? Thank's
  • this reminds me of an athletic logo, can we see it in a mirrored image or a double some how?
  • We really like this design. Love to see it in different colors and different styles keeping the same theme!
  • like this design, can I see something like this with a little sharper edges on the logo and maybe a mirror image instead of the tribal? Thanks
  • Sharper edges on the logo and maybe a mirror image below without the tribal
  • Can I see this in different a different color scheme. Maybe a little blocky letters
  • kuci_inc, your design with the double A as one is a great concept, can you send more ideas based off of this please? Thank you.
  • damith, can you give me a version of your design with out a background and some different colors please? Maybe a different style of "A". I like the mirrored image idea please send more!
  • damith, I dont really have any particular color in mind. I like your design, the double A and a "coat of arms" style is a nice spin. Thank you, keep them coming!
  • Hi CH, mine is #12 Use this logo describing arms and AA. do you have any theme colour?
  • About #79. here's a little bit revision of it. hope you like it. thanks also for the feedback. best regards :)
  • Looking for more of an "image" style, keep them coming please!!
  • Great design, can I see it without the hanger please? thank you
  • I like the double variation. Can I see it as a solid color please?
  • Hello CH, I v submit #60 as variation of my #12. Any feedback?? thanks...
  • no backgrounds unless requested by the contestholder
  • no backgrounds allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • no backgrounds unless requested by the contestholder
  • hi, I have made the modifications as you mentioned. Hope this fit to your suggestions. #52. and another design #53. Since I put my designs with bg I got penalty. Thank you