clothing logo for "Awesome Gamer"

Me and my staff are very pleased with this logo and website. I will get all of my logos done here. Thank You guys

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Winning design #19 by sethgr, Logo Design for clothing logo for
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designed by sethgr

Project description

We would like an cool looking "AG"logo along with the text "Awesome Gamer" but are open to all design ideas. Looking for something thats simple, catchy and cool but not too feminine, masculine or juvenilish. Please no game controller logos.

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  • add the type of star that has alot of points on it. place on middle of the A.
  • can you bring the left side line all the way down on the A? But round the line so it still looks like a round circle.
  • i love this logo but can you keep the triangle A shape on the inside but still make it look more like a G?
  • wow i like this. can you add a star inside the A ? so it can compete with the DC shoes logo.
  • wow i like this. can you add a star inside the A ? so it can compete with the DC shoes logo.
  • wow i like this. can you add a star inside the A ? so it can compete with the DC shoes logo.
  • I've submitted #72 as my design. please tell me your comment about my design my design describe : A = Mountain G = Gamer Awesome gamer always on the top. that's why i use A as mountain and G as gamer on top
  • can u show me how this logo would love in all red including the text. and in all black including the text.
  • Enuff of the triangle logos lets try and come up with your own original ideas.Thanks
  • this is exactly the type of logo i was looking for. im trying to wait and see if someone will top this but from the looks of it everyone trying to copy off this.
  • #4 by lienGG add the star with a bunch of points to the A on this logo.
  • please stop copying off the 1 logo that i like. please come up with more original ideas.
  • Third party images not allowed.
  • Third party images not allowed.
  • I think you should make the contest blind cuz my design #73 and the #83 someones design is very close to what i come up with.
  • Hi CH, submitted designs as per color suggested #93 all red #94 black, and also added slight contour in to it. thanks for the response
  • Hi, About #63, #65 - Just a small tweak to the logo so the "G" and a font change - #92. I've also done #64, #66, #89. Would appreciate feedback and happy to make any changes. Thanks!
  • yes i did, thank you very much,. please feel free to inform me if you have any concerns. thank you again
  • congratulations #19 by sethgr. Me and my staff are very pleased with this logo.Did you upload the files already?
  • Hi yungceomont, I wish to add a few thoughts to my submissions - entries from #113 to #124. My concept treats the AG sign as a dynamic module which enables the formation of all kind of shapes [for instance monsters] which can come handy for any future [or even current] promotional materials. This way the brand will stay fresh longer, stays interesting and can be playfully reinvented without a redesign of the logo. The logo itself is the simple AG version, but I added a couple of "monsters" to underline this modular concept. If the idea catches you but it is not exactly what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will stay around and can quickly adjust. Cheers, Timea