Cloud 9 Genetics Cancer Research and Development

My design experience was great! I really appreciate the help from Sherri on the site and all the consistency and follow up when it was needed. I would definitely use them again when needed. My designer was absolutely amazing and she hit it right on! Thanks again to all of you!

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This will be a logo for Cancer Research & Development. I am looking for a BOLD powerful statement when seeing a logo. Promoting public awareness of cancer genetics screening and tests for hereditary cancers. cancer genetics screening and tests for hereditary cancers. promoting the public interest and awareness in cancer research and education.

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  • Too bubbly.
    • Dear CH, Please kindly check on my entry #37 #48 #56. Thank you

  • Nice, but too simple. Add maybe the ribbon in somewhere.
    • Thank you, I've added a ribbon and a few other things on #36 I hope is more to your liking.

  • Good start to something.
  • I like the two end points on the below of the picture.
  • Hi, I just submitted #2 I created the cloud with the 9 symbol and a ribbon built in, the right side of the cloud contains different colors to represent the different ribbons for each type of cancer
  • Hey there, I like everything but the symbol. Keep the font and everything below the symbol.
    • Sorry I miss the part about the symbol I did just that now with #121

  • Hello all, I just wanted to say that you are all doing a wonderful job with the logos. The creativity that is being put into them is making it a tough decision to choose what will look right for my foundation. I would still like to see what else you guys can come up with. Please keep in mine that I want to see the "&" symbol instead of "and" also please incorporate the saying of "where history doesn't repeat itself" I'm looking forward to seeing what else will come up! Thanks again for all your support and effort that is being put into this:o)
  • I submitted a new version #87 with the dna double helix involved as part of the cloud. This concept ties together your entire company and makes a strong symbol. Enjoy! Thanks!
  • what's wrong with #66 ????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Good Day CH , kindly check my new entry logo , #84 , Hope you like it, Thank you.
  • Maybe lose the symbol and incorporate just the number 9.
  • Hey Everyone. Just some more advice. Instead of using "and" please use the "&" symbol.
  • Hey Everyone! "Where History Doesn't Repeat Itself" is the Logo Saying. Let's see if we can incorporate this into the designs and go from there. Looking forward to what we can do! Thank you all for your time.
  • Hello, CH! I submitted logo #82 for your review. Please check and tell me if you got problems with this... Really appreciate any feedback! Thanks and GOD Bless! :)
  • About #81: CH, I already updated logo #57 with this one. Kindly check it and inform me if you want me try something else for you. Thanks!
  • Looks like you cannot really see the word "Cloud".
  • #71 & #73 I left out "Cancer" in #71 so I reposted design to reflect the change.
  • I actually somewhat like this one, but all the rainbow colors looks like it might represent something else. Anything else?
    • Ill try some other ideas. Any preference as to ribbon color? I will get back to you soon thank you for the feedback!

    • I reworked the logo and the colors for this version. I found that light purple is the color of the ribbon for ALL cancers in general, so I used a fade from the blue to a light purple. The logo would make a very strong stamp and message for your company. Ill rework some more. Let me know if I can try anything else!

  • Hi :) Any thoughts on #71? I am hoping I gave my design that medical feel as well as a soft cloud like feel of "Cloud 9."
  • Just posted #65. I thought the sun in the logo would symbolize raising awareness about cancer. Please let me know what you think.