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Winning design #506 by masnau, Logo Design for Cloud Genesis Contest
Gold Medal

designed by masnau

Project description

Perhaps the cloud inside the atoms as the cloud is being formed. This is the beginning of cloud formation!

RGB (21, 188, 255)

maybe something with atoms and the cloud, giving the sense of formation, genesis.

Consultants who provide software licensing services to clients which include providing cloud services

Potential taglines (not case sensitive)
"Where clouds begin"
"Where cloud begins"
"where the cloud journey begins"

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  • Another version with another tag line. #854
  • Another nice font style #845
  • Update version where texture make gradient #844
  • Another nice front style with two color #842
  • Logo and texture make side by side with two color combination. Any changes like font style color etc. I will make any time. Thank you #840
  • Two color combination. #833
  • Update version where in the texture used some gradient color with your provided color. #832
  • This is another concept where big cloud inside the atom with nice font also used your provide color. If any changes I will do any time. Thank you. #830
  • This is another concept where big cloud inside the atom with nice font also used your provide color. If any changes I will do any time. Thank you. #829
  • cloud+G+gen #828
  • Hi @jameslpooleiii,

    Cloud Genesis deserves a meaningful logo that will standout be easily remembered and not cliche. That is what I tried to achieve with my designs. #800, #795, #794, #792, #791, #790, #789, #804, #803, #805, #807, #808, #810, #811, #818, #820,

    I submitted multiple version but basically, these same concept and symbolisms apply:

    I used your blue #21, #188, #255. I also have followed your concept of the beginning of cloud formation and also related the design to tech industry.

    In this design, instead of a very common and cliche arch, there is a three-arched cloud outline which can also look like lightning. Lightning represents the fast pace of technology industry and also of your cloud technology.

    It's upward strokes growing bigger represents progress and continuous development. It can also be a picture the cloud forming from water evaporating upwards. Water can symbolize data bytes being uploaded to the cloud. In the digital world data is like water.

    The blue spiral are ripples of water with a water droplet rising above it. Clouds begin from evaporation of water molecules through the heat of the sun. That water droplet represents the atoms or molecules you requested for in your concept.

    In some designs instead of a blue spiral, there is a ragged blue horizontal line that represents the vast ocean. The ocean signifies that your company can handle massive data for the cloud. It can also signify a wide horizon or diversity of what you can do.

    The white star in the illustration can be the sun. It can also symbolize a rising sun when beneath the blue lightning/cloud which can also be mountains.

    The letter G is slanted to signify it is rising up, awakening or beginning.

    I hope my design concept makes sense to you.
  • @jameslpooleiii
    Rhis is another version with little modification. #801
  • Hello @jameslpooleiii
    I used one of your proposed taglines, hopefully this will be inspiring.
    If you need any changes please let me know. #799
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #788
  • I hope you like this. Thanks. #786
  • I updated my entry. the first one i posted i forgot to input "The cloud journey" so here is the updated version. #770
  • Please check my design , I Hope you like this #756
  • Hello sir,
    This is my 2nd proposal design.
    I make simple, minimalist, and eye-catching.
    Please check it.
    Thanks for your attention. #752
  • Another clean version #736
  • Please feedback to my design. thanks #704