Coaching/Consulting company for pastors and churches needs professional yet edgy logo

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Winning design #148 by ocen, Logo Design for Coaching/Consulting company for pastors and churches needs professional yet edgy logo Contest
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designed by ocen

Project description

We need a new logo. Our current logo can be viewed at We feel like our logo is a little 80-90s. We want a logo that is professional and clean (and appealing to the more mainline churches) and edgy enough to seem relevant for church planters. Our dilemma is also that we want to signify life, but tend to like black, silver, red and white (but please don’t use blood to signify life). Also unlike the current logo it shouldn’t say “Unleashing the Life in Your Ministry.”

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  • Dear CH! I posted a new logo concept. Take a look at it. I hope you will like it. Any feedback appreciated, thank you!
  • about #20, I made minute modifications.
  • I like the font could I see the V without the cross and in red or silver.
  • I like the font the and idea of the V on top, could I see that V in a couple of different forms and without the dot
  • I like this as well, but I like your other one better.
  • Not a huge fan of the hands and plants.
  • We like this, but as one person said "it is a little to futuristic." Could I see a revision and change the font to something that looks a little stronger.Could I also see it in a red.
  • Like the font, but don't like the people.
  • I like this logo. Could I see it with a couple of different fonts ( I like the font in (#13) and also a green color that is in #4. Thanks
  • I like this logo. I think it communicates strength and meets what I am looking for. Would love to see one that also has some color in it it to compare. (I am rating all of the ones I like at 40)
  • This has the general feel that I like, but it is a little hard to read and would like to see either dark green or red included. But I like the feel
  • Dear Contest Holder! I posted my logo concept. Take a look at it. #19 Any feedback appreciated, thank you!
  • Hello there, I chose to work with the same elements in your existing logo and revamped the icon a bit. I personally like your logo and wanted to simply update it. Know, people still recognize the company, but it definitely has a modern appeal to it. Please let me know if you would like to see any revisions or if you would like me to go in a whole different route all together. I look forward to your feedback and wish you good fortune in your decision to come. Best regards, Hector
  • My design has a leaf and what looks like mercenary is actually a drop of water. And there's a cross in the middle
  • HI CH: I used your preferred colors, and I also used leaves to represent a V and M to show vitality. Hope I am going in the right direction. TY.
  • it has a human figure which looks like V & M it means the initial words of the name Vitality Ministries
  • dear CH, i had posted my second entry #65 , i had made it simple yet elegant!! thank you!!
  • Ok... I Try. Thanks amirmor
  • About #59 A simple logo design. I hope you like it. I hope from your comment. Thanks
  • I like this! Could I have "Vitality" in a sold font. Could I also for comparison see both sides of the V filled in and could I see it in a silver as well. Thanks so much.