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Winning design #451 by jegard, Logo Design for CoastaLINK Logistics, Inc. Contest
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designed by jegard

Project description

We are in need of a strong, bold & modern logo for our current expansion and branding efforts both in public & online. We have chosen a Polar Bear as the centerpiece for the logo. Here are the prerequisites we have come up with:

1) three-part logo; Polar Bear, on an iceberg, with "COASTALINK" within the iceberg under the bear's 4 paws. (Update: All letters should be same font and size.)

2) Should be profile view of polar bear and he should be facing left on all fours with an aggressive stance(yet not too intimidating or angry.) Will need flipped version for passenger side doors of our trucks. Goal is to ensure bear is always looking ahead.

3) Minimalistic approach is best. Hard, straight lines and sharp edges. Not your typical cuddly polar bear, if you know what I mean.

4) Polar Bear should be white or off-white with minimal shading in appropriate areas just to show minimal depth and perspective.

5) Iceberg can be as simple as an outline as long as it is triangle shaped with the point down and is clearly identifiable as an iceberg with some jagged points.

6) No creativity needed in the color department. Black, gray, blue...the less color the better. It will need to hold up on multiple colored backgrounds, i.e. big rigs and trailers.

The Company:
Incorporated in July of 2014 in San Diego, California, CoastaLINK Logistics, Inc. is about to start a massive expansion effort on its 3rd birthday. We haul climate-controlled freight in the 48 contiguous US states and most of our freight is foodstuffs hauled below 32 degrees. We operate only Class A big rigs with 53ft refrigerated/heated trailers in tow with climate capabilities ranging from -20 degrees to +80 degrees.

The Goal:
Our goal is to project a strong, confident & authoritative vibe to potential customers as well as the general public.

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