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Winning design #201 by 3B-Designs, Logo Design for Cobalt Trucking Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 3B-Designs

Project description

Our company is a refrigerated trucking company that handles temperature sensitive goods and products. 

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  • About #201, Hello there CH @murray-stewart. Just a quick note. Many designers before and even now are posting logos very similar to mine. I had already reported few designs which looked exactly as same as mine except some few minor changes and they were removed by the design contest admins. So I request you to take consideration of this fact.
  • feel free for comment #275
  • please check thanks #269
  • please check :) #252
  • how about this one sir ? #244
  • how about this one? #240
  • Please check back... #233
  • Good on the tire... But can the Snowflake in the middle be less... Perhaps just a few flakes branching off... #203
  • Different options on the fill in... Cleaner mountains... Perhaps a road/lanes through the middle... Not sure what... But different filling... #205
  • Put a dash/bar on each side of "Trucking"... #205
  • Can you break the hexagon in half up the middle with just a tiny break in between... I think you did this on a previous logo... #205
  • Can this mountain part be cleaned up... Lest clutter... bigger road lanes area... Sharper fill more seamless with the C & T... #210
  • Can this be just 1 bar or dash? #210
  • Can the triangle be complete all the way around somehow, but still incorporate the mountains kind of seamlessly? #194
  • Please check back ... #229
  • Hi @murray-stewart, please feedback if you like it #227
  • Hello again CH @murray-stewart ! Here is the 15th logo that you have chosen from the variations that I had shown to you. Made the inner part of the "A" to look like a road inspired from your current logo. Also lines have been added on both the sides of the word "Trucking".Waiting for your valuable feedback Ch... #201
    • @murray-stewart CH, I request you to view this in full size mode

  • beri dolar donk.... buruan. #219
  • gi to win #213
  • how about this one sir ? i make less fill for the snowflake in the "O" , hope you like it, thank you #203