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Winning design #145 by finestroke, Logo Design for CocoEnviro Solutions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by finestroke

Project description

Start up company needs a corporate logo with full company name with coconut tree (or part of the tree) themed icon incorporated. The tree represents the tree of life, not a day at the beach, so no miami clip art look. The logo needs to be professional, yet appeal to the end-user consumer. Use colors/fonts that give off a friendly, environmental tone. The logo needs to balance professional with environmental. Create VECTOR art with transparent background and can be easily converted to a black and white image. Explore options so the coconut tree can be used as a standalone icon. The attached png shows a few logos of formats we'd be willing to explore. Specific likes: all lower case and font treatment of "organic road". Because of the long name, we assume we will need to stack the name of the company...CocoEnviro on top as primary, Solutions on the bottom as secondary. If you use capital E for enviro, keep it the same height as the lower case letters. However you choose to incorporate a palm or hint of the coconut tree, we need to be able to pull it as a standalone icon. All these color schemes shown in the sample are acceptable places to start.

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  • Hello CH, we have uploaded our proposal #28 Please, let us know what you think and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you Best regards.
  • About #4 I incorporated a coconut tree into a leaf and sorry I forgot to put the solutions into the logo
  • Good use of font, but need more coconut tree/coconut incorporated. Need solutions added to the company name.
  • Some FeedBack to improve my work, other colors, other sources. #2
  • Hello all and thank you for all your submissions. Please add "inc" to your designs and also we lean more towards "solutions inc" to be right justified.
  • Be more original! Do not copy other ideas/concepts:
  • Hello CH, #58 is the revision of #33. Hope you like the new icon. Thanks
  • Icon trunk is still odd for us.
  • Icon is too much like a leaf, not coconut palm. Can you try to solve that in this graphic treatment? Add solutions to the company name. Thanks.
  • Solutions gives too tech/science feel. Explore more brown/green option and soften solution font.
  • Sorry, but icon now doesn't pop. can you try making coco brown and enviro green and use a border around icon to make it pop more?
  • great font and colors. Don't like the tree as an icon. Explore other options for this icon keeping the font and colors.
  • The icon is too square - looks like an app. Font is not right. At first glance we liked, but the font is too tech and the icon comes off as an app. Maybe different shape for icon?
  • Great font. Needs more color exploration. We are leaning toward green/brown combinations. I like the highlight/depth added in the icon, but the tree itself is a bit weak as an icon.
  • Font is too tech feeling and the icon needs work. Don't like the lightening bolt look.
  • Explore brown/green color options in company name with a 50/50 balance between icon and company name.
  • your entry is too much like entry number 4
  • dear CH please check my entry #32 i am waiting for your comment... have a nice day ahead :)
  • Hello everyone. Thank you for the submissions. These are all very good. We are meeting tomorrow to discuss the treatments to try to give better direction on the font we like best, the type of icon, colors, etc. We will rate all accordingly at that time and provide feedback so you understand where we are moving based on the variety of options offered. Thank you again!
  • Interesting approach. Not sure the "O" looks enough like an "O" though. Can you explore this so there is no confusion it is an "O" and show in this font plus a lower case sans serif option similar to fonts used by others?