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Great experience with our logo contest. Creating a design brief for a contest was easy. Many very creative designers responded with high quality designs. The only thing I would add is the ability to sort designs by Designer and a way to send a private poll to my employees to vote on the top designs. Overall good experience.

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Winning design #391 by nicolets , Logo Design for Cognitive Information Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicolets

Project description

New logo needed for a Business Intelligence consulting firm. Business Intelligence systems assist in analyzing, presenting and reporting a company’s data in meaningful, usable forms. We like to say it is turning data, the 1’s and 0’s, into useful, actionable ‘information’ that people can use. Current logo is text based and too plain. Final design should be modern and communicate concepts of data, speed, knowledge and intelligence. Company color: Purple Company shirts: Lavender with logo EDIT: Just to clarify, it is OK to use other colors, as long as purple is primary and the design will print ok on a lavender background. EDIT from Accounting: Winning designer is responsible for all taxes and withholding in his/her respective country, state, providence or municipality. This contest is void where prohibited by law. UPDATE: The top ten have been awarded 100 points. The top 12 are being considered at a board meeting. The winner will be announced Monday, April 12, approximately noon Central Daylight time (USA). Thank you to all designers who entered.

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  • The name of the company is "Cognitive Information", correct?
    • Yes, actually Cognitive Information, Inc., but the logo just needs to say Cognitive Information.

    • Dear Moderator, my designs (especially #165) has little similarity with #19, but also originality , which no other designs use : the TALKING BUBBLE at the center of the logo. The talking bubble means MARKETING. And it's the main concept and it is originally mine. Hopefully you understand it. Regards, Dj

  • Hello Mr.Smith, I read your instruction carefully and generated some concept to tell message through your logo, Currently I am working on "Data - Presentation - In Simple Way" idea ! my entries are #20 & #21 please take a look if it reflects correct message or not, Also I need your feedback to improve more :)
    • #20 and #21, the text was ok, but one comment was that the box seemed to terminate the design before it began. It is a good use of color and text elements.

  • I've submitted #69. I propose another element with a neuron celule. Some feedback will be welcome. Thank you in advance.
  • Comments at board meeting: Ball looks too much like AT&T logo.
    • Thanks for your feedback. I will work on a variation that makes it a bit more distinguishable! In the mean time I've got a few other entries that use variations of that concept you might check out. Let me know if you've got any other concerns or suggestions. I'll be glad to make adjustments as necessary. Thanks, Kristi

  • DGRAPE, we like the concept with the gears and it includes 1's and 0's. I would like to see the gear in the 'O' bigger and filled in so it is easily readable on a shirt at a distance (pick a complimentary color).
  • Hello Mr. Smith, about #26, after I read your brief I noticed the change of data from binary to useful information,which is basically the main concept of your business, and I tried to use it into the logo. Any feedback?
  • About #17 , What do you think about my design, i tried to put the logo on a white t-shirt, please give me your inputs! - Regards Alex
  • Hay CH, I hope you are willing to consider my design, #11, #12, #14.thanks!
  • Hello CH, just submitted my first entry #8. I would like to get your thoughts on the logo. Thanks!
  • ChristieAK21, I should clarify the brief. It is ok to use colors other than Purple. We just want that to be primary and for the logo to print OK on lavender. Nice direction with the bar graph symbols.
    • Okay thanks for the feedback I just entered another design with more color and detail, I hope you like it.

  • Hi CH, #25 #102 trying to visualise graph design with rounded, and CI logo on circle. Best regards
    • rydhordho, #25 has a good concept with the globe/graph but stepping back it looked like a basketball or grape to some. I like the direction with #102, clean modern design, stylized characters, but the triangle looks like a 'play' button.

    • Hello CH, thanks for feedback, at #102 maybe had some explanations on play button look alike, it means that "play or forward", so i decided to put little accent on it, or maybe should i try some different shape by put away the "play" button? Best Regards

    • Hello CH, other version of CI logo based on 102 #168 #183 Best Regards

    • |--|

      rydhorydho {*wrote*}:
      Hello CH, other version of CI logo based on 102 #168 #183 Best Regards
      |--| #168 makes good use of the triangle element. It is very readable, modern design. Thank you for taking time to do additional work on it. It looks good.

    • Hi, i made another version from previous design #305 Best regards

  • Company name is misspelled.
    • Please refer to #194, #195 where the word 'information' has been spelled out instead of being used with an iconic symbol. Thanks for your feedback and looking forward for another. Regards,

    • |--|

      kraphtor {*wrote*}:
      Please refer to #194, #195 where the word 'information' has been spelled out instead of being used with an iconic symbol. Thanks for your feedback and looking forward for another. Regards,
      |--| The word Cognitive is misspelled in #58, #194 and #195. Of your designs, #195 has nicest, clean modern, readable design. Thank you,

  • We work with multi-national clients. After discussion we decided at first glance, the stylized Ci too closely resembles the crescent and star symbol used by Islamic customers. I am going to rate it good for use of design, fonts and color, but not usable in our situation. Thank you for your design and for understanding.
    • Thanks for the feedback, i send another entry # 172 & # 203. Please review. Thanks.

  • This was an interesting use of the pie chart, a common data visualization, placed in the name. Good logo, but the green background was distracting for some members.
    • thank you very much for the feedback, I've replaced the green color with white color I hope to be reconsidered, please see my designs #153.thanks!

  • I have posted #143 After posting this design I see that it is similar to the work from lizonel. If it is too similar please remove it. Thanks
    • Hi Herbert, It's fine by me, you have a circle rather than a part of the pie chart. Different enough as far as I am concerned. : )

  • Several people liked the clean design and the detail in the O element. The details are visible in full screen mode, but get lost at any distance. Right color and good text elements. Thank you Junifer.
  • Again, good job, but in this version the gears interrupt the readability.
  • This drew several good comments at the meeting. We like d the interaction of the gears and the C. Nice clean, modern look. Good job.
  • Interesting use of a Venn diagram as a design element, but it does not include the company name.
    • Dear ch, thank you for the feedback. Could you please check the designs #131, #130. I have included the company name in that designs. Kindly give feedback after seeing that also. Regards Binkula

  • Hi CH, Do you prefer a pic + text logo or a text-based logo with some sort of pic incorporated? Thanks.
    • Junseiyu, we seem to be rating designs better when the image is integrated with the text or frames the text to lead the eye. Several were eliminated because the image was too generic or did not seem relevant to the text.