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Project description

I need a logo for my business called Coiffed.

This is a modern version of the definition of coiffed.

Contemporary Examples
  • She coiffed her hair and wore high heels to run errands; she matched her kitchen wallpaper to her China pattern.

I do professional makeup and hair design.  Currently I do this independently & go to my clients for weddings, quinceaneras, photo shoots, proms, birthdays, any type of party/gathering, or when someone has a special day/night out & wants to look their best!

I plan to have a storefront in future where I will continue to provide services of professional makeup application & hair design.  I also want to have eye-lash extensions and waxing at Coiffed. 

The décor/interior & exterior design of my boutique will be in French & all black and white.  There probably will be a bit of whimsy in the design. 

Coiffed logo can either be only the name of the business COIFFED (in all caps, all lower case font, or with only the "C" capitalized).  Or, the logo can be something else (logo/mark)with a circle/or something underneath the logo/mark....and, under that will be the name COIFFED (which will still be a part of the logo). If there is a logo used with COIFFED written underneath it; I would like it to all flow & look cohesive. 

I would like the logo to be in black only.


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  • Hi sslaporte18,
    Here my idea of logo design. Can you please check.
    Thank You. #1106
  • another approach. Hope you like it. Good luck #1098
  • Logo idea. Hope you like it. Good luck #1097
  • logo idea. hope im on track. Good luck #1096
  • About #1017, please check my design
  • entry #857 Thank you.............
  • entry #857 Thank you.............
  • . #1059
  • I am available for adjustments. #1058
  • I like this a lot! Can you make another version with the "d" coming up higher before it circles the word coiffed? Also, where the circle doesn't come as far around. I would like the circle to look more like a "C" Thanks!!! #768
    • Thanks for replay sslaporte18. Ok I try.

    • For this logo I have make in white background before. Please see #770 & #769.

    • Great! Looking forward to seeing the design improvised and the changes I requested making the circle look more like a "C" complete!!!

    • @sslaporte18 Please see #851 #853 #849 #848 #836 #835

    • @Kusnata I like #835 a lot! Thanks!! 835 is definitely a contender!!!

    • @Kusnata I like #835 a lot! Thanks!! 835 is definitely a contender!!!

    • @sslaporte18 Thanks

    • @Kusnata Could I please see what your logo looks like with a thinner font (like #237), and make sure the "o" makes a complete circle? Also, please do the font in black and the background in white.

    • @sslaporte18 I will try and tell you if it can.

    • @sslaporte18 Hi again, I just had a long mtg w/ a branding advisor. He loves your logo as it was originally done...but, with the changes i listed earlier - the font not so thick, but more like #237 and have the "o" make a complete circle. I forgot that you had done one in black writing with the background in white. Can you please make the changes I have requested and submit them at your earliest convenience? Thanks, Shannon

    • @sslaporte18 pls see #1057

  • hope you like it #1054
  • hope you like it #1053
  • hope you like it #1052
  • can you check my design #1045 ?there's a "hidden wave" inside a logotype. please give em a feedback if you need a revision. and also check my another design. thanks @sslaporte18
  • hou about this,sir? #1038
  • im design this logo with modern simply style , just a word and something that circled.
    this logo can easy to remember to a people what visit your place or company. the logo very simply and modern.
    please give a feedback.
  • I did not mean to give you a sorry! I like your design a lot!! My business cards will have a white background with coiffed written in black. Can you do this same design but with the background in white and coiffed written in black? Thanks!!! #237
    • About #237, @sslaporte18
      Hi, thank you for the feedback and appreciation. Here I submit a logo preview on business card #937.
      By the way, elliptical curves provide advantages in terms of layout on a lot variety of advertising media (Print Publications, Signage, media outlets), because it’s flexible and efficient in terms of space, not too dominating, so it makes the text remained prominent.
      Best regards,

    • @giani_lt Thanks so much for the info about layout for my logo! I absolutely love your logo!!! It's definitely a contender:)

    i need your feedback
    The logo is simple and elegant
    and easier to remember.
    making it easier for people to know your business
    thank you :) #1004
    i need your feedback
    The logo is simple and elegant
    and easier to remember.
    making it easier for people to know your business
    thank you :) #1003

  • @sslaporte18 #984