Colibri Veterinary Telemedicine

Design Contest provided my business with an array of logo options and ultimately led me to be very satisfied with the final product - thank you.

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Winning design #84 by cipak, Logo Design for Colibri Veterinary Telemedicine Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cipak

Project description

I am looking for a logo design for my veterinary telemedicine consulting company - "Colibri" means hummingbird.  We connect specialists to primary care veterinarians so that dogs, cats, and horses can get specialized advice more quickly with increased convenience.  

I am looking for a serious / professional logo that's more on the minimalist side and is clean.  I also like logos that use negative space well - for example, "the cork and cow logo."...but I'm not sure this type of design will work for my logo.  I would also like a logo that works well on a business card as well as a website.  I was hoping to incorporate a hummingbird into the design, if possible.

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  • VERY GOOD busniess card.. #189
  • final designs 2, cool, elegant, and clean. #188
  • new final designs. #187
  • Simple, Attractive and Powerful logo... #183
  • Another option. Thanks #180
  • original #167
  • too similar to another designer's logo #156
  • Its clean and i make different and looks simple but not simple like saw.use C for the hummingbird.thanks #159
  • next entry #152
  • next entry #150
  • new #145
  • I don't like that the C is covered by the bird - can you work the bird into the logo in another way #121
    • @colibrivet ....?????

  • positioning the bird below the logo name is awkward - sorry. #134
  • About #131, Thank you for rating.
    • @cipak I understand and noticed that as well - which I find very disappointing; I do very much like your authentic design

    • @cipak I understand and noticed that as well - which I find very disappointing; I do very much like your authentic design

    • @colibrivet yes it is true, if you choose this logo, right now I would give it to you.

  • If I end up selecting your logo, would I be able to also get the hummingbird as a separate image (possibly with a circle around it?). #84
    • About #84, @colibrivetyes, it certainly is. I will design it for you. thank you

    • @colibrivethi, sorry for a while I pull all my design,. thank you

    • @cipak I don't understand why you pulled your design? Please explain as I am seriously considering it for my logo

    • @colibrivet Sorry sir, I just wanted to keep the authenticity of this logo, but if you want it I'll give her in the source file. thank you

    • @cipak was the previous logo not an original production? I'm confused

    • @colibrivet not like that, I mean I just want to keep the authenticity of the logo that I designed, I do not want other designers tried to copy them because I see the entry in the high rating. thank you

  • It's not clear to me what's going on with the wings 0 doesn't give impression that the bird is in flight / wings in motion - I do like the overall design and colors...also not a fan of the bird having an eye
  • The bird is nice, but not a fan of the font and am confused by what's in the bird's beak #125
  • I don't like the font and think there's too much going on in this logo #124
  • designs 2 #127
  • new designs, please feedback. thank you very much #126