Collaborative Alliance for Pancreatic Education and Research

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Winning design #24 by officialrapz, Logo Design for Collaborative Alliance for Pancreatic Education and Research Contest
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designed by officialrapz

Project description

We need a logo designed for a medical society/research organization, the Collaborative Alliance for Pancreatic Education and Research (CAPER). The logo will be used for the website and for creative materials like conference program books, handouts, and correspondence. Therefore, the logo will need to look professional in print and digital and in color and b&w. The company is a medical society, so it is more traditional rather than creative. The society focuses on the pancreas, so the previous logo had an abstract pancreas incorporated into the design. The previous logo was blue and orange. You can use that if you want, but it isn't necessary. The logo should have both: "Collaborative Alliance for Pancreatic Education and Research" and "CAPER." The current website, which is being updated and will feature the new logo, is, this may provide more information on the society and what they do. I have also attached logos we use for other medical societies to give you an idea of the more traditional look we require. Overall, we are trying to modernize the logo/website for this society, and we hope the logo will reflect this. Additionally, the modernized logo would need to fit in seamlessly with creative work like the save the dates, the program books, and other forms of meeting materials. 

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  • Good Day maam/sir , here's my design according to you suggestion . hope you like it . #39
  • CAPER #34
  • Would it also be posible to see the logo with the text underneath CAPER rather than next to it, #24
  • Is it possible to see this design with a deep purple color scheme? Like eggplant purple. #24
  • caper #32
  • please feedback me. #30
  • please feedback me. #29

  • please feedback me. #27

  • please feedback me. #20
  • This is the cooler version of my previous design. Hope you like it! #15
  • Simple design but with meaning, the letter A which is Alliance on the word Caper is a symbol which consist of an image that looks like pancreas and/or arms holding each other. #14
  • Ready to all feedback. #13
  • pancreas logo #12
  • stylized pancreas logo #11
  • Clear, aesthetic, professional. Features a stylized outline of a pancreas. #10
  • More detailed pancreas illustration on "C" and "A".. What do you think.. #9
  • Negative space style logo with illustration of pancreas in between C and A.. I kinda like this one.. What about you.. #7
  • with clear illustration of pancreas, btw the polygon means "collaboration", two polygonal pancreas form a "C". #6
  • Polygonal style pancreas symbol.. orange.. #4
  • Polygonal style Pancreas in it.. #3