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We are an existing Veterinary Hospital that is moving to a new building and changing our name. We are located in Troy, NY and the building that we are renovating was built in 1778. It is a brick building in the Georgian style. The reason we are changing the name is to reflect the historic nature of the new building as well as the double entendre of Troy being the Collar City ( it was the leading manufacturing area of shirt collars and other textiles in the 1800s) and obviously the animal reference of the collar. We are hoping to incorporate some sort of an animal collar/leash theme with some sort of animal involved as well. We treat only cats and dogs. Historic reference to the building or the time period is also something that we might like. Cartoon type animals/cute is not what we are looking for. I have uploaded a picture of the is not looking terribly pretty at this time as we have not been able to get if painted and repaired yet. It is not going to be blue. It is going to be a grey color with claret shutters. Added some examples of collars made in troy for humans.... not convinced but might be something to ingrate.

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  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests
  • Hello dear Kimberly, I was wondering if you would take in consideration my designs (#4, #6, #7 & #8) and if they are on the right track. If you have any suggestions or direction, please do not hesitate to let me know, so I can work on improving my designs or develop something new. Kind regards, Sandra
  • Hi Kimberly, Pls check my design entry #11. I hope you like it. Thank you very much! Best Regards, finestroke
  • Any pictures of the building or websites for the hospital? Asking for references to construct a better understanding. Thanks!
    • I will try to upload some pictures for you. The current web site is so generic and poor - has only one page to it that I do not think it will help at all

    • I finally decided on the final look for my attempt. Hope you and your team enjoy!

  • Very intrigued with this design. Not sure how to make it look more "1800's" with the font and maybe the collar. Maybe more detail on collar like a buckle? And put collars on the dog and cat? Not sure exactly but I like this beginning. And maybe put something else on the tag - maybe collar city?
    • Hi Kimberly, Many thanks for your comments on the design - so stoked to get a response on anything I have done - so thank you again... As you may be aware I have uploaded another design (it has 3 versions of the logo on there for you) I took on board all that you had to say about the initial design proof - and I trust that the new versions are getting closer to what you are looking for... As a new designer to 'design contest' I have the opportunity at submitting 1 last design for you to look at on this contest - therefore should you wish for any further changes (such as colour, fonts etc etc) please let me know. Once again big thanks for your comments - not to mention from my favourite city in the whole world - good old NY! All the best, hope to hear some more feedback real soon... Gareth defcon5creative

    • P.S. I have only just replied as I have only just found the "reply" button! I'm getting there slowly, but surely!

  • I like the way you usedd the collar but the silhouettes seem too stark. The font is very modern.
    • Thanks for you feedback sir, i am glad to know that you like my design.. based on your feedback i've upload my edited entry. please check it #30. If need any change, feel free to ask :)

  • I like the idea of using the "C" as the collar but the red cross hanging off of it give actually the visual impression of the symbol for female. Maybe a different hang tag off of it would work better.
    • Hi Kimberly, thank you for the feedback. Please let me know how you like #19

  • I like this quite a bit but I don't think it will work for what I want. Looking for less modern and stark.
    • about #14 Thanks for your feedback,i will submit other entry with some changes.Thanks

  • I like the idea of the caring hands under the pets and actually, we are located on the Hudson river and the hands give the impression of water. But looking to have the collar in the logo and looking for a less modern look to the image.
  • I really like the use of the brick in this design but the silhouettes are too modern as is the font.
  • This is a bit too "cute" in style with the heart and home and such. Looking for a bit more detail and classic.
  • This is a nice design but not what I am after. Looking for something using a collar in the design and maybe something less modern and simple.
  • I really like to font for Collar city. Can you try to get some dogs/cats into this design?
  • about #14 Hi CH, can you wright any comment about my design, it would be very helpful so i could know in what direction to go. Thanks.
  • stop tracing photos for logos!
  • I do really like this but not don't think this what I am looking for. Maybe you could incorporate a collar somewhere. Thought the font is very readable, I think I am looking for something a bit more distinctive.
  • Hello CH, Can you please rate my entry #2 ? Thanks.
  • Hi, I really like this but I also liked your first submission as well. Did you take it down? Kimberly
    • |--|

      kimberly42 {*wrote*}:
      Hi, I really like this but I also liked your first submission as well. Did you take it down? Kimberly
      |--| Hi there, these entries have been removed because they have clipart in them, they are removed for your protection, you would not be able to copyright or trademark the design that has clipart in it

  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests