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Winning design #19 by soniadhariwal, Logo Design for Logo needed for shirt startup Contest
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designed by soniadhariwal

Project description

Hello, The name of my company is College Shirt Contest. I need a brand logo design for my start up company. The company is a t shirt design competition website exclusively for college students. College students from any college all over the world submit their designs and then those designs are in competition with one another printed on t shirts. I am looking for a modern/cool/trendy logo. Please stay away from classic college stereotypes like varsity font and mascots. I would also like to have an element of the logo that I can pull out and use as a favicon or print on a shirt that will be a symbol of the company. Please use primarily the two tones of blue that I have listed below in the color area. Thanks, Jim

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  • I really like this design. Very creative with the icon. Thanks for submitting.
    • Thank you very much CH maybe there are any little bit revision? to be make design perfect.. please tell me. THANKS

  • Dear CH, hello please check and review my design #2 and #3 Thanks
  • Hi CH, you did not give any name for your company, so i thought "universitee" would be a good name, and i made a basic logo that can easily be used as a favicon, let me know what you think. #1
    • Hi, I'm very sorry but the name of my company is "College Shirt Contest". It was the title of my project but after talking to the customer service person at design contest we switched it. The logo is nice. I am looking for something a little more modern/trendy/cool and I'm looking to go away from the traditional symbols like the grad cap. Thanks for the entry.

    • I am going to delete the entry because I don't want more entries under the name "universitees".

    • Thanks for the quick reply, ill try some different ideas and change up the logo. do you want something more abstract for the logo? and is the font used in the "universitee" logo good?

    • No problem. Yes I am looking for something a bit more abstract. Not so "cookie cutter" clean. Hopefully that description helps. I know its not much.

  • Hello CH. I submitted #29 and gave you something different to choose from. Thanks.
  • Thank you very much to all the designers for their entries. All of the designs were really great but I can only pick one. I am down to 7 and it is going to be very difficult to pick a winner but I will be picking a winner today. Thanks again!
  • your entry is like this design contestholder called and reported after choosing as winner http://teespring.com/ http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/college-shirt-contest/entry/8