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Winning design #56 by Jobzz, Logo Design for College Success Program Contest
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designed by Jobzz

Project description

We'd like a logo designed for our College Success Program for individuals with autism. Since a puzzle piece is often used to represent autism, one idea we had was a graduation hat (mortarboard) with a puzzle piece on the flat top. We welcome new ideas, but prefer to have a reference to a puzzle piece in the logo. We use blue most often in our branding, but green could work, too.

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  • Hello CH, please find herewith my design, #17, your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hello! I have submitted Entry #4, and would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions you may have. Thanks!
  • Hi Monica, I've made the changes that you request with a few variante. Please take a look ( #32 ) and feel free to comment.
  • :-)
    • Like #31 a lot. Can you make one more change, it may not look good, but I am curious. Would you remove the half circle, but keep everything else the same? Thanks!

  • Hi Monica: I made some changes according to what you mentioned. Take a look at #31 entry and feel free to comment. If you want any change, let me know. KIND REGARDS
  • I really like this one now. Is it possible to make the CSP grey. Can you make the circle into and arch. It feels too busy where the letters CSP intersect with the circle.
  • Like the design, but it feels too formal. What about other colors. Also have the tassel not obscure the letters in success. Maybe go between two letters.
  • Like the design. Waht about eliminating the orange and yellow and go with just blues and greens, but all a little different shade? Thanks
  • Don't want orange in the logo. Feel free to try green with the blue. Wonder what the motor board would look like rounded at the back? Thanks
  • HI CH, I uploaded the design #25, Please feedback. Thank you...
    • |--|

      cp105bc {*wrote*}:
      HI CH, I uploaded the design #25, Please feedback. Thank you...
      |--| good start. Feels to cluttered and bright. Hope that helps.

  • I've change the color scheme of all my designs (#24 #23 ). Hope you like it. If you want to see any other entry with a different font just let me know.
    • |--|

      JOB-DESIGN {*wrote*}:
      I've change the color scheme of all my designs (#24 #23 ). Hope you like it. If you want to see any other entry with a different font just let me know.
      |--| Thanks for changing the colors. Looks great.

  • Thanks, this is looking promising.
  • Hi there, I really love the colors in the 1st entry you gave us as well as the design. Could you put those colors in entry #18? That design appeals to me as well. Thanks
    • Done, take a look at design #22. If you want any change just let me know. Kind Regards

  • Hi There, This one is coming up as a favorite with everyone who sees it, but we wondered if the top of the cap could look slightly less curved. Thanks so much!
    • Hi, thanks for a feedback. I will make it look like on my other design, hope it will work for you.

    • Here is my new entry #43, hope it will work. Feel free to ask for any suggestion you have. Best regards.

  • hi monica1,how is this logo #40 .I need your feedback....... Thank you.
  • Hi Monica, Would you like to see the #31 or #32 with a different font?
  • Hi There, This one (the first entry :) is turning out to be everyone's favorite. If you can make a couple of minor adjustments, it'll be the one we choose. Can you change the font to something cleaner (like the one used in the other remaining entry, & let us know the font you use), lower the CSP so the C doesn't look scrunched? If it's not too much to ask, we'd also love to have a version that doesn't have the CSP at all, just the hat. Thank you SO much! Monica
    • Hi Monica, Thank you so much. Of course I can made the changes. I'm working on it.

    • Please check #56 and let me know if this is what you are loking for. The font is "Avenir Next - DEMI BOLD "

    • Fantastic! Just what we wanted!


  • Your design is exact copy of entry #43